the President of The German medical Association, Frank Ulrich Montgomery, welcomed the bill of the large coalition on organ donation. “This is a very meaningful initiative,” said Montgomery of the Passauer Neue Presse. “Medically and ethically, the opposition solution is the only Right one.” He hoped that this law will draft at the end of the parliamentary debate, a majority.

What is the contradiction solution? In which countries have you already? What is criticized about it? Answers provides the FAQ “organ donor urgently

The Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) worked out draft law” about the contradiction solution that all German citizens to be informed citizens aged 16 years and over the period of a year and finally registered as a donor unless you speak. The decision can be revised. There is no contradiction, to the relatives after the death of a potential donor is also asked whether the Dead man a body has consented to the removal.

concerns that organs might be removed in this variant, too early, he could “not understand,” said Montgomery. “The assumption that they would be supplied as a donor in a worse medically because of all the waiting for the organs, is complete nonsense. We have with the guidelines for determination of brain death clear and good rules about how to deal with it.”

the end of a organ donation organ donation

before someone comes up as a donor question, you need to find two experienced Physicians independently the brain death. This occurs as soon as in the cerebrum, cerebellum and brain stem no more activity can be measured. Thus, the organs are not damaged, it must be ventilated to the donor or the donor’s artificial.

If it is clarified, that organs should be removed, it is examined the brain-dead donor on tumor diseases and infections. This is to ensure that the receiver of an organ is not compromised.

The data of the donor to the European exchange Euro to be sent plans of the TRANS. Here is wanted on the waiting lists for suitable recipients.

are Then taken from the deceased, the organs that he was willing to donate. The corpse is then prepared for viewing and can be buried.

The organs are cooled and Packed and get to their destination. You will be transported by ambulance or, in urgent cases, by plane.


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