Indonesia wants to make his “dragon island” Komodo for a year, sealing. The island is East of Bali, where several thousand Komodo dragons are at home, remain all the year 2024, tourists locked, as the government in Jakarta announced. This is justified with the protection of rare animals, which are often also called “the last dragon of the world”. On Komodo island there is already a national Park. Last week, foiled an attempt to bring 41 lizards out of the country.

5000 monitor lizards live on the island of Komodo

The animals are up to three meters long and more than 70 kilograms in weight. Due to their sinister appearance they are also called dragons Komodo. A total of about 5000 dragons are on the island home. They have a reputation for being quite aggressive. Attacks on humans are rare. Currently, about 10,000 visitors per month to the island. The closure is to be used, among other things, new trees to plant.



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