location, location, location – this saying applies not only to real estate, but also for airports, such as the airfield in Egelsbach. With up to 80,000 aircraft movements, it is the largest location of the General aviation in Germany, “located in the heart of Europe”, as it says in a brochure. Only 30 minutes car journey from the small Terminal to the financial centre of Frankfurt.

holiday travelers don’t know the airport at all. He is only ten kilometers Southeast of Frankfurt airport. But among business people and private pilots Egelsbach is the first address in Germany, because of the passengers is guaranteed in contrast to a large airport, a huge gain of time: fast handling-very short distances and quick controls.

in addition, cheap land fees, free Parking spaces directly in front of the Terminal, conference, and helicopter transfer for Egelsbach, managers and Celebrities popular place of departure. “From Frankfurt-Egelsbach from about 2500 European flight destinations quickly, safely, and most comfortably accessible” – so the airport advertises.

Several fall incidents with the dead

By the crash of a private plane, which interact with two prominent Russian passport on Sunday in the country the approach to the 1,400-Meter-long slope, there is an angel Bach in the headlines – again. For it is only in July 2017, a Reims-Cessna F150 was overthrown shortly after the Start in Egelsbach in a neighboring forest. The pilot was seriously injured.


On the edge of the airfield Egelsbach on the tracks of the railway line between Frankfurt am Main and Darmstadt: the wreck of a in June 2015, burnt-out sport plane.

©Frank Rumpenhorst Picture-Alliance

In June 2015, another small aircraft collided during a launch maneuver with a freight train to the nearby railway line Frankfurt-Darmstadt. A woman died, and the Pilot suffered serious injuries. Five were killed there in March of 2012, when a twin-engine private jet, put on for a night landing, four kilometers from the runway. The machine of the type Cessna Citation X has been completely destroyed.

Enormous infrastructure

The Problem: Although there are separate Lens – and -departure procedures for fast and slow aircraft. The airport is used by both hobby pilots with their propeller flight, and even of private jets, the Business Aviation. But the asphalt runway of the airport can only be used under visual flight conditions of air transport up to 20 tonnes of controlled vehicles.

The infrastructure in angel Creek is impressive: In the 16 hangar 30 companies and associations have their headquarters: Of flight schools, a helicopter squadron of the Hessen police up to Netjets. The US company, which belongs to the businessman and investor Warren Buffett, operates and leases business jet.

No ILS in Egelsbach

However, a feature of the airport is missing: An instrument landing system ILS is not installed. This would also enable landings under “blind conditions”, i.e. in case of bad weather. Since the Acquisition of the Mini-Airport by Netjets in 2009, and has since been the majority shareholder, was these requirements again and again in conversation.

Whether the System would have prevented the crash on the weekend? The question can not be answered. On Sunday when the small plane crashed with six Seats during the landing approach in an asparagus field and burned, there was spring-like weather. A few minutes before the crash had logged out, the Russian Pilot of the German air traffic control, to the Tower of the airfield Egelsbach landing to register. The Federal office for flight accident investigation took up the investigation. The cause of the crash remains unclear.

source: www.egelsbach-airport.com

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