Drivers in Moscow are urged to be careful due to the deteriorating weather conditions

Moscow motorists should be attentive in connection with adverse weather conditions, according to a Twitter account “Moscow transport”.

Drivers are reminded that the night turned cold to 0… + 2 degrees, will be cloudy with a chance of rain, wet snow and sometimes sleet.

In 3 C, mostly clear. Night expected 0..2, overcast, rain and wet snow, sometimes sleet, strong winds. Be careful on the roads!

the Moscow transport (@DtRoad) February 22, 2024

Earlier in the MOE recommended that the Muscovites to Park cars away from trees and avoid wobbly construction due to the strong winds in the city.

on Saturday in Moscow recorded a fifth consecutive temperature record. The air in the city warmed up to +6.7 degrees.

When will stop the wind in Moscow?

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