Due to the acute risk of forest fires prevails in many regions of Germany is currently the highest warning level. According to the Ministry of the environment in Brandenburg called last now across the Board for the state of the level 5. The forest fire danger Index of the German weather service (DWD) are considered in addition to the South of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Northern Saxony, the East German state of Saxony-Anhalt and the Region of lower Saxony, Celle as very highly vulnerable.

lead-hole-reservoir in Thuringia, fought forces against a very large fire. According to the authorities of a wooded area on approximately 13 acres in flames. In the afternoon of the disaster. People were not in danger, it said. The lead hole reservoir is also known because of the electronic festival “sun moon star”, which takes place usually in August.

In Spremberg near Cottbus were already burning in the night to Tuesday 4.5 hectares. The fire was shortly before midnight and in the early morning hours of deleted reported. Problems with fires but there were also in Bavaria. In Hersbruck, East of Nürnberg Monday fell on Easter, a one-acre piece of forest in flames. Because the area was difficult to access, should farmers have their slurry tankers for the transport of water.

In the North of Saxony, may not be entered because of the very high risk of forest fires, some forests, for the time being. Also, the highest warning level.

risk of forest fires is a little higher than in the previous year

In lower Saxony, the fire Department, according to two large peat fires with damping-down busy working. The fire in the vicinity of Vechta, which had broken out on Easter Monday, was almost completely erased, said a police spokeswoman. Had burned it on several hectares of land.

The danger of forest fires is still a little higher than in the previous year, warn the lower Saxony forestry. “The cause of the dry plant residues of the previous year,” said spokesman Mathias Aßmann. “The freshness of the Green is yet to come.” Such as a hair dryer Wind dry about old Grass, and could also contribute to a rapid spread of a fire. Important factors in the forest fire danger, Wind, and drought are, therefore, the temperature played only a subordinate role. Due to the risk of fire, it is currently more than negligent not to smoke in the woods or to handle it differently, with an open fire, warned Aßmann. Out of the car thrown cigarette butts to Fire could lead to the embankments.

Brandenburg is the most

Brandenburg at risk is considered to be the most likely to be at risk of fire in the Federal state in Germany. The floor is there, in many places, especially sandy and there are forests with a high proportion of pine. Essential Oils and resins of the needles have a high Flammability.


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