The Easter break in Berlin, take to Friday: from 22 degrees on Tuesday on the inside, 25 on Wednesday, Thursday 26, and Friday, probably 23 degrees. Then it should be made clear, and probably for a longer period of time cooler. But until then, stormy times are to survive. And stormy, too: dusty. What are the consequences if a strong Wind over the still barren fields sweeps, was tragically in April of 2011, when in a dust storm on the highway at Rostock 60 cars into each other pegs. Eight people died, more than 100 were injured.

On Tuesday and also on Wednesday, the potential for dust storms is available again: “The South-East wind freshened up to a stormy gusts, so the strength of nine”, says Jörg Riemann, chief meteorologist of the Weather factory in Tempelhof. Because it has not rained since the end of March almost, the floors are completely dried up.

Only about two liters of came so far in April, down – on Sunday a week ago. “Normally, the April to 42 litres,” says Riemann. In this long-term average is still not the experience of the past few years, according to the April is almost always a lightning start in the direction of early summer.

Dangerous in the strong Wind can also, if new forest, flare-up fires. If at all, should there be on Tuesday only isolated showers or small Thunderstorms. But relief for nature is in view: “I think it is relatively safe, is it going to rain the next Saturday towards the right times,” says Riemann.

The rain deficit from 2018, it could not be refilled

How much will depend on the exact Position of the lows, the spreads from the UK to Scandinavia. This news is already good. Because it means that the weather conditions to ride again, so they had it in 2018, from February to October done – what had given the Region the driest year since the beginning of weather records. And rain would help not only the nature, but also for Allergy sufferers, suffering from the April summer.

Although the usual amount of rain came together in the first quarter of this year, but the deficit of 2018 was not populated. According to the information provided by Stephan Natz, spokesman of Berliner wasserbetriebe (BWB) for the supply of the capital so far, and also for the foreseeable future, no Problem. “But the coming summer should be similar to the past, let’s talk after that, maybe differently,” says Natz.

Berlin is Germany’s driest Region

He reported from the thoughts by a leading drinking water experts, have recently spoken of “water treatment plant schönerlinde”. In fact, a large sewage treatment plant is at the Northern edge of the city. The shall be purified waste water like all the others in surrounding waters.

As a “water factory”, it could pass on this waste water in the landscape, so that you can moisten the soil and new ground water supplies. However, the wastewater should be cleaned even more time-consuming, so that in the long term, pollutants in the ground water to accumulate.

this is just a thought – but perhaps one that needs to be followed up in Germany dry window Region, in a normal year it rains in Parts of southern Germany, almost twice as much as in Berlin.


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