The number of drug-related deaths in Germany continued to be high: last year, 1,276 thousand people have died as a result of drug use – four more than the year before. The drug Commissioner of the Federal government, Marlene Mortler (CSU) announced.

Accordingly, there was a significant decline in the number of people who died of an Overdose from opioids such as Heroin or morphine. The number of the deceased decreased from 707 to 629. So there was still most of the deaths due to Overdoses of the drugs. A decline, has it given Mortler, in case of death, by new psychoactive substances, so-called Legal Highs,. Be increased, however, the death figures as a result of psychoactive drugs such as benzodiazepines.

had decreased In the first years after the turn of the Millennium, the number of drug-related deaths steadily. In 2012, it reached 944 deceased, the lowest level since 1988. Since then, the deaths rose as a result of drug use.

in Order to fight addiction problems better, particularly the community-based addiction help is important, said Mortler “It is high time that the addiction counselling in the best possible position for the future.” More money was needed. It is not working to provide for consistent funding.

“Every single case of death obligates us to protect people from the dangers of drugs and to save them from the often deadly consequences of their drug use,” said Mortler. In the process, the Federal government, the Länder and the local authorities, but also economic and civil society were asked. “Drug addiction is a disease, the Sick in need of help and no stigma.” Therefore, easily accessible on-site assistance is necessary to reach the affected people at an early stage.


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