Measles outbreak – New York orders mandatory vaccinations Because of the measles outbreak, the health emergency in Parts of Brooklyn. Everyone must be there now to vaccinate, said New York city mayor Bill de Blasio. © Photo: Shannon Stapleton/Reuters

The city of New York has declared a measles outbreak, the health state of emergency. In Parts of the city part of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, vaccination is now mandatory, said mayor Bill de Blasio. All Residents should now get a protection against the Virus, children under the age of more than six months. Those who refuse risk a penalty of $ 1,000.

measles outbreak since 1991, is the largest in New York City and relates primarily to the Orthodox Jewish community in Williamsburg. A few days ago, the New forbidden York authorities are already religious schools and day care centers of this community, to care for unvaccinated children. Otherwise, the closure is threatening the facilities.

“If people get involved quickly, no one will have to pay the penalty,” said de Blasio. He referred to the large number of cases as “measles-crisis”, against the mandatory vaccination, but will help. By law it is allowed the health Commissioner of the city of New York, in the case of a threat to public health regulations with criminal penalties.

to the North of the city of New York, in the district of Rockland County, there is another Jewish religious community with increasing measles cases. Since October have been infected at least 166 people. The municipality maintains close relations to Brooklyn. The authorities in Rockland wanted to ban unvaccinated children last, in public places such as shopping centers, schools, or Restaurants to stop. A New York judge, the rule is blocked.

The measles spreading, especially among school children, whose parents refuse to Vaccinate. Many of them rely on philosophical or religious reasons. So, among other things, many ultra-Orthodox Jews, says the New York Times not to vaccinate, in some of the communities will be warned repeatedly of the dangers of vaccinations. Anti-vaccination literature, and the calls of the Rabbis made it difficult to analyze the authorities, Opponents to reach the opponent.


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