During the quarantine, the elderly run the risk of losing the last penny

“Inspectors and disinfectors”

old Muscovite was robbed by revoluntary. About this on his page in Facebook wrote the realtor Vadim Shabalin. According to him, in the apartment of an elderly woman knocked on the door two girls and were presented by employees of social protection. Granny they said they brought a complimentary products. But it needs to fill in a questionnaire. While one of the “acrobatic” dictating to the landlord what to write, the second searched the apartment. Products grandma really gave the whole “food basket” composed of the cheapest food Essentials: bread, milk, sugar, macaroni, butter, tea. But after the departure of “acrobatic” found that lost passport and money. And law enforcement does not even promise that this crime will be solved. Fraudsters were wearing masks and gloves — and otherwise during the epidemic! – so finding them on the cameras will be difficult, and fingerprint unrealistic.

In Krasnoyarsk some “social workers” are trying to impose on the elderly disinfection of the housing. Others promise to give them free medicines. The third is to issue commemorative medals and badges of honor. And for all these “good” services from the elderly require payment.

In Barnaul pensioners call “volunteers” from the Pension Fund and offer help in purchasing food with the money of the organization. While in the Pension Fund, as explained by the head of this organization, no volunteers and no funds for the purchase of products, the FIU does not emit.

What you need to know to avoid fraud:

social Workers come to the wards only after a personal appeal for a certain service. Before the social worker comes knocking at your door, you’ll get a call from the center of social service, make sure that you are at home, waiting for the wizard and specify the details of help.

Voluntary assistance without formal application can provide to its client only the social worker that is attached to it on a regular basis. But in this case it is better to clarify pricestre, do not quit if this employee.

If you are knocking at the door “volunteer”, then you should know they also come only on request. And to avoid abuse and violations, each ticket is given a number. Its misleading to the recipient, and arrived the volunteer is obliged to call him.


what a week on the Internet goes that go from door to door “team of physicians” in all protection suits and masks, which offer sanitation housing from the virus. And do let some kind of gas, which at the time cut owners, and clean out the apartment.

“MK” could not find confirmation of this information: elusive brigade, allegedly seen in Strogino and other parts of Windows, but as soon as it comes to specific witnesses, it appears that “one grandmother told”.

In any case, the main recommendation to all: if you did not ask, do not open the door and call the police.

“Guardians of order”

This type of fraud may become relevant in the near future, as introduces penalties for violation of quarantine. As told “MK” a source in one of the courts, the justices of the peace have already begun to do the administrative case on the violation of the quarantine.

an old Muscovite already faced with the fact that the street she was approached by young men in uniform, she didn’t even understand to some like a form of guards — and promised not to call the police due to the fact that the pensioner had broken the quarantine. And then offered to “solve the issue” – that is, pay a little for them that they didn’t take grandma to the Department.

the Pensioner called her son. But “the law” is so brazen that even the son agreed to pay the mother for only a thousand rubles.

These scams, the police hoped to find – the incident was observed by other citizens who can identify their faces and the camera, placed now at every step, they could not fix.

What to do to avoid being deceived in such cases:

Follow the information about the quarantine, using only official sources. Try not to break the rules.

In case you need to get to a place away from home, figure out what you need to do (now it is assumed that you will need to obtain permission for the movement, as will be reported in the near future).

As explained “MK” in Regardie, service employees, like police, have the right to make administrative reports, including on the spot. But resguardar often deliver offenders to the police. Most likely, in the case of an older man, warn him of the violation and conduct to the house. And certainly neither the police nor resguardar won’t take a bribe – not least because perfectly aware that now the entire space in the city can be seen, moreover, each crew is videofixation.

If you don’t know how the form looks like police and asguardian, search the Internet and consider it carefully, each employee must have a badge number and a certificate that you must present.

If you immediately understand that before you Scam, do call the police. This is enough to fraud as the wind blew.

“the Truth”

Not only the fears and emotions of older people used by scammers during the epidemic. Well it turns out they have to exploit the distrust of all segments of the population to what the authorities say. Although today is exactly the same case when you can only trust official information.

However, experts on cyber security have warned that in the instant messengers and e-mail addresses of citizens appeals do not believe the official reports about the number of people infected with coronavirus. And provides references, where you will tell “the whole truth”. But it is necessary to go on such a link you will be taken to a bogus website where you will attempt to either steal money or suggest a cure from the coronavirus (today it does not exist!). Also can you get a virus on your device which will scout for scams on your data and you will still lose money, because this is the purpose of all the scams.

What: are not opening such emails and messages to get rid of them immediately, rooms, resources, and pages from which they come, lock and ban.

“Help material”

the Schema, when people call and are represented by Bank staff can be called old. But today, when many fear that they will spent during the epidemic all their savings, they actualized as never before. You can call the phone or send a proposal to install an app that will allow you to protect your Bank account. In fact, this program organizes the fraudsters remote access to your data, which you can use to steal your money.

Also you can “accidentally” stumble upon the video on the Internet, which will tell you that any citizen based on either compensation or tax relief. Now it could be a video about how to organize yourself vacation credit. In the Kuban, for example, citizens are bombarded with suggestions on the calculation of non-existent social benefits and allowances. And a lot of calls “from banks”, particularly pensioners, to “stop the debit Bank card” that is “now happening”.


Not to believe these videos, and — most importantly — do not fill out any questionnaires.

Never let strangers details of their accounts, cards, code on the reverse side of the Bank card, PIN or any other personal information. Do not transmit passwords sent in SMS. Remember: the Bank employees have no right to know and shall not require such information.

Not to transfer their money to any account, including, “virtual”, which you can offer.

Universal advice: if the caller beforeprovided to an employee of some organization, ask it to call name and just say the name of the organization and then… hang up. And do dial the official number of the organization and make sure that you called out, who and for what reason.

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