Neanderthal man were more of the skull than modern man. The analysis of Skull remains, which had been examined for injuries. The results of their investigation inside the tübingen scientists and scientists in the current issue of the journal Nature (Harvati et al., 2018). The common ideas on way of life and behavior of the Neanderthals were thus in a further point. The image of the uncouth and violent early humans had to be revised, writes the Team led by paleoanthropologist Katerina Harvati. Assumptions about supposedly dangerous hunting methods of the Neanderthals compared to Homo sapiens would not have confirmed.

The Team analysed the data of more than 800 fossil skull and bone finds of 80,000 to 20,000 years old. This is the largest data set is from early in the morning people from all over the world currently available. Have shown that the injury rates of Neanderthals and representatives of Homo sapiens were comparable. In the case of both, it became clear that men had a higher risk of injury than women. This could be due to gender-specific division of labour to explain, said the scientists. A difference there was but the Neanderthal skull injuries were in the youth age a little more often. In the case of Homo sapiens they were, however, across all age groups relatively equally distributed.

The Neanderthals who lived until about 40,000 years ago in large Parts of Europe and Asia. Why this group of people has not survived, is unclear. In their place, the ancestors of modern humans spread worldwide.


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