According to the experts of the world conservation Union IUCN are increasingly sea – and river-dwellers threatened with extinction, including groupers and 450 fish species in the East African lake Malawi. The Amazon river Dolphin, a Mammal, is one of the more endangered species.

A large Problem for rivers and seas, the continuing Overfishing. “The decline of Species affects the price of fish worldwide, significantly reduces the food security for millions of people,” said the IUCN expert Yvonne Sadovy for the presentation of the updated Red list for threatened and endangered animal and plant species. The environmental organization WWF, speaks of a “permanent ecological state of exception”.


A worrying development, the IUCN experts also look for parts of the bird world in Southeast Asia, and in the case of some types of wood. The increased demand in China for construction and furniture wood lead to depletion in Africa. Meanwhile, all kinds of eagle-wood tree standing on the Red list. Parts of the tree would be in the perfume and fragrance industry needed, what makes the wood one of the most expensive in the world.

Good news, there are some specially protected animal species. For example, the mountain gorilla (Gorilla beringei beringei) is better. Measures against poachers had their stock increased significantly: from about 680 ten years ago to more than 1,000. The mountain gorillas live in protected areas in Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. You will now be at risk as “strong” and not more than “in danger of extinction”. In view of the successes of the IUCN, the protective measures to continue. Among other things, the number of tourists had reduced and there is a close contact of humans to the Gorillas can be avoided.

of 27,000 plant and animal species threatened with

fin whales (Balaenoptera physalus) are considered to be “endangered”, but are now considered “endangered”. Their numbers have doubled since the seventies to around 100,000 copies almost. As well, the Situation has improved, the gray whales, previously considered “endangered” were regarded. “The stocks of these whales are recovering, thanks to the prohibition of commercial whaling, international agreements and other security measures,” said Randall Reeves of the IUCN.

Red list The Red list,

The world conservation Union IUCN leads the Red list of endangered species. If sufficient data are available, to the existence of an animal or plant species to assess, is listed a way. At regular intervals, the situation will re-evaluate and the Status is adjusted.


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