Despite the weakening economy is likely to be decreased, the number of job seekers on the German labour market in February.

In the past month were around 2,39 million people without a Job, appreciated by economists of German big banks in a survey by the German press Agency. This would be about 16,000 less than in January and about 156,000 are less than in the same month last year.

“The labour market continues to be stable, companies are hiring more,” said DZ Bank economist Michael Holstein. Even if the dynamics is on the decline noticeably. The German economy had started a little momentum in the new year. The sun, especially in the industry, I suffer from international uncertainties.

The biggest mood killer: The US-outbound trade conflicts and the end of March planned withdrawal of Britain from the European Union (Brexit), the economists. Just the threat of US tariffs on European cars would press the mood in many companies. And also the demand from Asia – particularly from China – have recently weakened, and little reason for euphoria. The climate had considerably deteriorated, according to the experts.

With a view to the second half of the year showed the economists a bit more optimistic. Because, until then, at least a factor of uncertainty to be expected from the table: the Brexit. Then it’ll show up no later than what specific impact will he have. The environment for positive economic development in Germany is still intact, Holstein. The interest rates are low, consumer confidence is good and stable labour market.

And also the demand for labour, speak for a positive development, said Commerzbank Economist Eckart Tuchtfeld. Most recently, the Institute for labour market and occupational research (IAB) reported high for the fourth quarter of 2018, around 1.5 million unfilled Jobs – a record. For the coming months, the experts continue to expect growth in Employment and falling unemployment – but in smaller steps than in 2018, as the economists.

According to the assessment of BayernLB economist Stefan Kipar, the bad climate is reflected in the company’s already slightly on their employment plans and makes you more cautious. For the year, he expects a sideways movement on the labour market, but at a high level. The official labour market figures for February, the Federal Agency for work this Friday (1. March) is known.



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