+++ 22. February: Rossmann calls corn waffles back

The drugstore chain Rossmann calls back corn waffles, because it may have metal fragments. Specifically, it’s salted wafers of the brand, enjoyment Plus and corn waffles with sea salt, the brand Enerbio. The company announced in the lower Saxony, Burgwedel, near Hannover on Friday. Thus you have found in own-checks in isolated packs of metal shards. In the case of the waffles of enjoyment Plus packs with the minimum shelf-life 1 could. October 22. November will be affected. The Enerbio products, the packs with the minimum shelf-29. October and 7. December will be returned in a Rossmann store. The purchase price will be refunded to the customer.

+++ 21. February: Alnatura children recalls-cereals and muesli biscuits +++

The Darmstadt-based organic supermarket chain Alnatura has called me back on Wednesday evening as a precautionary measure, two products, in which according to the company, parts of Apple stems. Affected the Alnatura children-Bircher muesli with the minimum shelf-life data, 11.10.2019 and 2.11.2019, as well as the Alnatura muesli biscuits for children from the age of 15. The month of the date of minimum durability 4.09.2019, said a company spokeswoman. The goods had been taken out of the trade, it said.

if you have a pack with one of the above-mentioned minimum durability data to your home, could bring this back and a replacement obtained. Other cereals, or biscuits, or products with a minimum durability date is not affected by the recall.


recording the recall of Mini-Salami, was sold in the net stores

©Mar-Ko fleischwaren GmbH & co. KG +++ 18. February: Salmonella is detected in “Salamini classic” +++

Because in the context of a self-control of harmful Salmonella were discovered, call the Mar-ko meat-back GmbH & co. KG, a specific Batch of sausage product “Salamini classic”. Specifically, the 4 x 25-grams-pack with the minimum durability date 6.10.2019 and labelling EN EV 1277 EC (back of packaging) is concerned, according to a press release . The product had been sold in the net stores in Parts of the Bremen, lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia.

customers will come from the consumption of the Mini-Salamis in sight, the product concerned has been taken according to the company, already from the sale. Consumers can return the product without the submission of receipts to your shopping sites and get the purchase price refunded.

A Salmonella illness manifests itself within a few days after infection, with diarrhea, abdominal pain, and occasional vomiting with slight fever. Just infants, small children, seniors or people with a weakened immune system may also develop severe disease. Customers who experience such symptoms, consult recommended a physician.

Fullscreen ©Weiand GmbH +++ 15. February: the glass shards in “Kania”-spice mills from Lidl +++

The spice manufacturer Weiand GmbH has launched several at Lidl selling glass spice mills. In the production of a defective glass batch had been used, said the company on Friday. Occasionally, a sliver of glass from the Grinder could fall. The products can be returned in all Lidl stores. The purchase price will be refunded.

By this recall the products, “Kania glass-ceramic mill, black pepper, 50g of” the date of minimum durability 02.2024, “Kania glass-ceramic mill pepper colorful, 40g” date of minimum durability 02.2024 and “Kania glass-ceramic grinder sea salt, 110g” the date of minimum durability 02.2024 be affected.

were Sold in Lidl stores in Bavaria, Hamburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein and Thuringia.

+++ 15. February: “ham called black pudding” at Aldi back +++

The company Franz Wiltmann GmbH & co. KG calls his “ham black pudding” because of being off sick from bacteria (Listeria monocytogenes). The sausage was driven primarily by the discount chain of Aldi (Süd and Nord). It is a 100g pack with the date of minimum durability 08.03.2019.

Already purchased sausage refunded goods can be brought in the branches of Aldi Süd and Aldi Nord, the purchase price will be. Other products of the company Franz Wiltmann are not affected.

+++ 15. February: thousands of patients of heart pacemaker recall affected +++

thousands of pacemakers in Germany are affected by a recall of several, possibly non-functioning models. As the manufacturer Medtronic announced on Thursday in Meerbusch, may occur in very rare cases, and only in certain modes of operation, a stimulation pause. All patients with devices from the affected series of these from your doctor, and in a mode to reprogram that prevented such a stimulation pause. A surgical procedure for the reprogramming is not required.

The affected pacemakers have the brand name Adapta, Versa, Sensia, Relia, SOA IC., and Sphera, and Vitatron of the A, E, G and Q series. The devices are in the world of 10. March 2017 to 7. January 2019, have been sold. Of 156.957 devices worldwide, there have been two patients reports of four disorders. The patients do not come from Germany. Already in January, hospitals and Doctors had been informed accordingly. Affected patients should be informed, as a rule, already your doctor.


pack of Lidl recalled Gouda’s in grated Form

©Lidl Germany +++ 14. February: risk of injury when grated Gouda cheese +++

The Discounter Lidl is called for grated Gouda brand Milbona back. The Dutch manufacturer of Delica thousand could not exclude the possibility that, in the affected product plastic foreign body are included, Lidl Germany, on Tuesday. Be affected, the product “Milbona Gouda cheese, young, grated, at least 7 weeks aged, 250g” date of minimum durability 21.04.2019, the lot numbers 834799538051020190121 and 834799538051021190121 and the identification mark NL Z 0507 i to the EC.

The packs were sold, according to the discount company in the Federal States of North Rhine-Westphalia, lower Saxony and Rhineland-Palatinate. Because of the potential risk of injury to customers not to consume the affected cheese. The product can be returned in all Lidl stores, the company said. The purchase price will be refunded without the presentation of receipts.

+++ 13. February: VW checks the hand brakes at 65,000 cars in Germany +++

The car manufacturer Volkswagen in Germany is 65,000 cars of the series Polo of den model years 2018 and 2019 to a control of the hand brake in the workshops. In some models, the hand could lose brake bias, a company spokesman said in Wolfsburg on Tuesday. Previously, the specialist magazine, “kfz had reported operation”. In the world, according to which around 350,000 vehicles with a drum to brake be affected at the rear wheels. The workshops are intended to check whether the path of the Lever of the hand brake has to be extended. You should adjust the brake if necessary, and the adjusting nut with a lock nut to secure.

A further recall relates to vehicles of the model series, the Golf, Bora, Passat, Sharan and T4 from the years 2001 and 2002. There had been a particular Batch of a production error with the Airbags. Are affected worldwide, about 10,000 cars, according to the “motor vehicle operation” about 2500 of them in Germany.

+++ 12. February: BMW gets cars for Airbag-control back +++

Due to potentially dangerous Airbags BMW calls worldwide 480.000 cars in the workshops, including around 95,000 in Germany. BMW 5-series and X5 model years 2000 to 2004 with non-standard wheels, are affected, a company spokesman said in Munich on Monday. Airbags of the now-bankrupt Japanese supplier Takata could hurt in the triggering of the vehicle occupant by the metal parts of the hard.

Therefore, the steering wheels would need to be checked. In most vehicles, a short inspection was sufficient for the other, a maximum one-hour visit to the workshop, said the BMW spokesman for the Internet-magazine “kfz-Betrieb”.

to be able To strong triggering Takata Airbags, which blow up parts of the metal cladding and the interior of the vehicle skidding, the car industry to create for years. In the USA alone, the industry had to call back more than 42 million vehicles.

+++ 31. January: metal pieces in the sausage maker calls back Edeka-goods +++

Because of the danger of pieces of metal in various products of the sausage is calling the manufacturer of copper sale of goods of the Edeka – market-article in “gut & Günstig Delikatess chicken breast fillet roulade”. As the company announced on Thursday, is only the goods with the minimum durability data from the 3. to 15. February affected. Consumers who have purchased such a product, get the purchase price also without the template of the receipt in an Edeka or Marktkauf store refunded.

+++ 28. January: Salmonella a risk with Zwiebelmettwurst +++

for reasons of preventive consumer protection, the meat returns to the processing firm Bell Germany its nationwide displaced persons “Zimbo Spicy onion mettwust (3×40 grams-pack)”. In a sample of the product, microbial contamination had been detected with Salmonella, said in a press release. Specifically and exclusively for products the date of minimum durability 3.2.2019 and the batch number L926012-14 are affected accordingly.

customers are asked to refrain from the consumption of the already withdrawn from the market product and to dispose of this for safety’s sake. The purchase price will be refunded at the submission of the package(s) at the sale. Alternatively, you could send the package directly to the company for a purchase price compensation.

severe stomach Salmonella and intestinal disease will trigger the pain within a few days by diarrhoea, abdominal and, occasionally, vomiting and low-grade fever Express. Especially for infants, small children, seniors or people with a weakened immune system of the danger of histories of severe disease. Those who’ve consumed the product or who has asked the appropriate symptoms should immediately consult a doctor.

source: “lebensmittelwarnung.de”

+++ 25. January: foreign body in the case of Rewe and Penny sold sausage

Due to the possibility of a foreign body in sausages, the company Ovo has launched several products. Are affected various Bock and Vienna sausages, which are sold in Penny and Rewe supermarkets. It is not excluded that in the case of sausages, millimeter-sized black plastic particles or pieces of the metal clips were shared with the Ovo Vertriebs GmbH in Cologne, Germany. Consumers should not eat the products, but also against refund of the purchase price in the respective market. The recall of successes as a purely precautionary measure and relates only to products with a minimum durability date. More specifically, it involves the following products.


Vienna sausages, Mühlenhof, 400g, best before date (BBD) 02.02.19 and 03.02.19 Mühlenhof QS Mini Wiener, Mühlenhof, 320g, MHD 06.02.19 and 07.02.19 Mühlenhof QS ham, sausage, 400g, MHD 02.02.19 to 04.02.19

In the case of Rewe:

Bockwurst, offered at the service counter during the offer period 15.01.19 to 24.01.2019! QS Mini Wiener, 320g, MHD 05.02.19 to 07.02.19.+++ 21. January: Tedi calls bamboo utensils, because of the high formaldehyde values +++

The discount chain Tedi returns to bamboo kitchen utensils, because in the case of product testing, enhanced formaldehyde values were determined. From the further use of the harness is strongly discouraged. Formaldehyde can enter the respiratory and the gastro-intestinal tract into the organism and a variety of health complaints. In confined spaces lock, the gaseous substance undermines the breathing air.


The bamboo tableware has been in more than 2000 branches

©TEDi GmbH & co. KG

sold According to data from the Tedi-quality management system were the pictured dishes-5. October 2018 up to 9. January 2019 Germany sold far in more than 2,000 stores. The sale prices were between 1.25 Euro and 1.50 Euro. Consumers can exchange the item for a refund of the sale price of, or against, another article in all the branches.

source: product warning.eu

+++ 17. January: toys with mucus due to the chemical substance called back +++

the Luxembourg authorities toy, slime products of the company Toi-Toys-International recalled. This is the Portal “product warning reports.the eu”. It was contained in the slime toy is a chemical substance that can cause contact allergies, and reproductive disorders. The products are also in German trading available. Affected articles:

“Frog Slime” – type / number of model: 35687Z GTIN/EAN: 8714627356878
“Noise Putty” – type / number of model: 35686 GTIN/EAN: 8714627356861
“knock head Putty & Spinning Top” type / number of model: 35796 GTIN/EAN: 8714627357967

source: “product alert.eu”

+++ 14. January: dealer calls back lemon juice concentrate +++

Because of the high sulfite content, and the associated hazards for Allergy sufferers the Gunz calls were Handethe ls GmbH is a certain Batch of the lemon-juice concentrate of the brand “Piacelli Citrilemon”. Specifically, the vials with the date of minimum durability 14.07.2020 are affected accordingly.

The company announced that it had already taken all the necessary measures to avoid such incidents in the future. Customers will, however, be asked, by the recall of the affected products at the point of sale to return. The purchase price will be refunded.

In the case of a sulfite-Allergy may occur, including headaches and Nausea.

source: “www.lebensmittelwarnung.de”

+++ 12. January: Dennree vegetables calls back broth +++

The company Dennree has recalled of vegetable broth, because they may be contaminated with traces of celery. For people who are allergic to it, could be the products of a health risk, said a dealer on Friday in Töpen (the district court). All of the other buyers could consume the broth. The products had nationwide been sold in all the As’s markets, and probably many organic markets, which belong to the group of companies, a spokeswoman said. Customers can bring the vegetable broth to the point of sale back and get the purchase price refunded.

all of the batches and minimum durability data from the Dennree vegetable broth yeast are Affected free 130 grams, the refill yeast-free 250 grams, and with organic-yeast 250 grams, as well as the vegetable stock cubes yeast free-60 grams and with organic yeast is 66 grams.

+++ 10. January: Schülke & Mayr GmbH, germ-recalls-contaminated mouthwash +++

The chemical and pharmaceutical company Schülke & Mayr GmbH recalls several batches of their product, “Octenidol md oral rinse”. Cause a microbiological contamination by the germ Burkholderia cepacia. According to the information letter of recall should have taken place due to a government arrangement. Complaints were not dealt with at the company. The following batches are affected by the recall: 1500548, 1502589, 1502724, 1504482, 1504870, 1507056, 1507320, 1507799,1510193,1510617, 1511550 and 1511688.

Burkholderia cepacia is resistant to many common antibiotics, and can lead to a rapid loss of lung function and death. He is one of the so-called problem germs.

sources: Rossmann, Rewe, Bayer, Aldi Nord, Ikea, Netto, Aldi South,

ROA/mod/sve/jek/wlk / DPA


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