Editor-in-chief (Ukraine): Ukraine signs the death warrant on your oil and gas industry

the Shock caused by the lack of understanding of how you can extend the contract with head, the index KPI (key performance indicators) which approaches zero. It KOBOLEV failed program of gas production, “20/20”, had not complied with the requirements of the contract, turned the company into an appendage to an international gas trader, Naftogaz annually causes damage amounting to $ 400 million from overpaying for reverse gas, deliberately brought the situation to reduce the level of income in Ukraine for the transit of Russian gas.

the Panic in the gas market caused by the understanding that COBOL will continue to promote the interests of the international gas traders. This applies both to the impact on the operations of transit of gas service gas main networks and decrease gas production.

In defense KOBOLEV you can hear my favorite and only argument of his support group, which is that the company won in the court of Stockholm in the case against the Russian Gazprom. However, the result ensured the involvement of external lawyers, who received a fee for it. Naftogaz in fact, the process was not involved. Moreover, the new gas transit agreement was a failure and unprofitable for Ukraine, because the state has lost more than half ($1.3 billion) of the previous income from the transit of Russian gas.

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President Zelensky, which is expected solve the problem of Naftogaz, samoustranilca from solutions Korolevu. Scandalous reputation and low efficiency — all this forms a negative image of the head of Naftogaz. But Zelensky supported the reappointment KOBOLEV and was even ready to sacrifice part of their high ranking in the best interest of KOBOLEV and his lobbyists. Now Zelensky is not critical, but very soon it could negatively affect the rating of the President.

the Main “shareholders” Naftogaz has long been not the state, and traders of gas, international banking and financial institutions that earn and want to earn on Naftogaz. COBOL itself is by and large controlled “bot”, which does not work in the interests of Ukraine.

function in the “bot” and continued work KOBOLEV today critically necessary for the following purposes:
the beginning of privatization of companies, the Operator of the Ukrainian GTS and gas pipelines of Ukraine, the beginning of the privatization of the company Operator of the underground gas storages of Ukraine;privatization of Naftogaz as a trading company or an ordinary gas “trading house”;the decline of gas production public company Ukrgazvydobuvannia that will allow to increase gas imports.

It is with such goals has been reset “bot” KOBOLEV.

At the same time is the important process of segmenting the activities of Naftogaz. COBOL, in fact, already heads the company, which has narrowed down to trading processes, the sale of gas. As well as partial and obscure simulation efficiency. The operator of the Ukrainian GTS remains legally part of Naftogaz, but in fact the operator of the CTA and its leader Makogon has long been outside the control of Naftogaz. The same applies to the subsidiary. Therefore, the process of the so-called “reform” the oil and gas sector BUchildren continue. And not in the interests of Ukraine.

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