Past the moment of stupor, it is time for us to pull ourselves together. The arrest of Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Renault-Nissan, is not an act innocuous. This citizen, up here at the fit-perfect, is detained by japanese authorities on charges of concealment of income in Japan. His number two at Nissan, Hiroto Saikawa, quickly took the controls of the Nissan group and was overwhelmed, saying it was “outraged” by the conduct of Carlos Ghosn, and blaming, by the way, the management solitaire Ghosn, the “drifts” and the “dark side” of the character…

We do not know large-thing to the current time of the facts complained of and the tangible elements of the dossier in the hands of the police of the japanese. But in any case, the CEO of Renault-Nissan, or any other of our fellow countrymen of the French criminal record, can not be abandoned by France. Not only France can not let go of one of his own, but, in the present case, it cannot afford to be naïve to the point of not itself verify that this arrest does not hide a conspiracy industrial.

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The CEO of Renault, regardless of who holds this office, is in France a character. It is a symbol of French which deserves that we take the greatest protection. The story has already been tragic for those who have held this charge. The symbol that represents this brand is so strong that the November 17, 1986, a commando direct Action was taken to target the head of the régie Renault of the time. Georges Besse died under the bullets of his assassins because he embodied the France, the power of the public industrial of our country.

However, what does it tell us ? That japan’s judiciary system allows police to detain a suspect for 23 consecutive days without his or her lawyer may attend the interrogation… Pardon me, but, Japan may be a democracy, this procedure is totally unbalanced in terms of the rights of the defence. We imagine, further, that the investigators had written items before you throw in Carlos Ghosn in his cell at the detention centre in Kosuge. Its elements are not going to disappear, and Carlos Ghosn will not have the means to destroy them. Then why is police custody of ten days as we ad ?

France must demand his repatriation

This treatment is intolerable in the light of French law. One does not treat a man who, until now, had never been taken in a fault, which has raised a box (Nissan) to be the agony to make it the world leader in automotive construction.

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France can’t drop Carlos Ghosn and must demand his repatriation, even though the investigators of japanese are continuing with their investigations in France. The president of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, can not remain indifferent to the fate of a fellow countryman, even if their relations have been strained in the past (especially in regard to the remuneration staggering the boss of Renault-Nissan).

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That one is clear, it is not obstruction of justice japan, but, in this case, which affects the industrial interests of France, Carlos Ghosn may not be treated as a drug-trafficker international. If he has failed, he will pay dearly. But it is up to France to ensure that he is not the victim of a manipulation of the japanese. And it should, in a first time, the pull of his cell, and then examine the charges, and possibly punish it. The stakes are too high to blindly trust the Japanese.

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