The case is the least funny and makes you laugh the japanese internet surfers. The minister of nippon in charge of cyber security has led to the consternation of the opposition, Wednesday, 14 November, after having acknowledged never having used a computer in his professional life. Yoshitaka Sakurada, age 68, is the deputy head of the strategy unit for information technology security in the government and also minister for the olympic and paralympic Games, the Tokyo organising in 2024.

During a session by a parliamentary committee on Wednesday, he admitted his shortcoming : “Since the age of 25 years, I’ve always had to resort to my employees or secretaries, so I’ve never used a computer. “It also seemed a little lost when we asked him if the USB keys were used in nuclear power plants.

Taunting on social networks

” It’s amazing that a person who has never touched a computer is responsible for information security policy “, has publicly moved by a representative of the opposition, Masato Imai. Yoshitaka Sakurada has triggered criticism and sarcasm on social networks. “If a hacker is designed this minister Sakurada, it will not steal any information. It could well be the best of security “, thus ironisé a user.

Mr. Sakurada, who has already shown by other gaffes, is in post for one month. It is entered in the government in favor of a cabinet reshuffle in which Prime minister Shinzo Abe has been careful to maintain the balance between the factions of his liberal democratic Party (LDP).


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