Entered into force new rules for transporting cash overseas

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/Evgeny Samarin

In Russia came into force new regulations on transportation of cash across the border, reports “World 24”.

From February 4 to move through the customs border of the EAEU amounts over $ 100 thousand dollars, you need to provide additional documents. Otherwise the money across the border will not pass.

It may be evidence of banks and credit organizations on financial transactions, such as currency exchange, withdrawals from the account, getting a loan, and documents about committing civil transactions, the rights to inheritance or gift.

Earlier it was reported that Russian tourists have become more economical use money during your vacation abroad. Significantly reduced spending on Souvenirs, cafes and restaurants.

Experts point out that over the past two years has sharply decreased the number of Russians who spend during a foreign holiday all brought with them the money (from 38% in 2017, up to 30% in 2019). The most popular way to make purchases abroad, cash remain, however, a growing proportion of those who prefer to use a Bank card.

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