Long eggs – particularly the yolks – have been demonized. They are a true nutrient booster. With the exception of Vitamin C, eggs contain all the vitamins and nutrients that the body needs. In addition, valuable proteins and fats in the egg yolk plug. Also in the headlines, you get: Least because of Salmonella in organic eggs, 2017 due to the Insektengifts Fipronil, and not to forget, to handles of the Dioxin scandal, as a consumer, only organic eggs.

press review judgment on the Chicks to kill “Who is outraged by the judge’s period available, it should kill any eggs, eat more” AFP

Recently, but a completely different issue policy and consumer: the Chicks. Annually, 45 million male Chicks are gassed in Germany or shredded. The Federal administrative court ruled that this would violate the animal protection law. It remains, however, for the time being lawful.

Who doesn’t like it, you should avoid eggs altogether. But there are also Alternatives. For example, procedures that do not recognize the sex before Incubation in the Egg, so that male Chicks hatch in the first place. This is reflected in turn in the costs. Not for the hatcheries themselves that the provider of the procedure promises to. But for the consumer in the supermarket. Eggs that were subjected to this procedure, there are already around 200 Berlin supermarkets of the chains Rewe and Penny. On the packaging large noted is to kill: “Without the Chicks”.

“brothers Chicks”-the eggs – the male Chicks before the death of “Ökotest” Why can forget organic eggs from Aldi, and Rewe – male Chicks are shredded By Denise Snieguole Wachter

but these are not the only recommended provider. “Ökotest” has tested in April of this year, 20 eggs for contaminants, quality, and attitude conditions. It comes to the ingredients, then all of the eggs cut at least “Good”. At a closer Look, but for most of the products male Chicks have to die right after Hatching. But also here there is a choice. The three different varieties of the organic brand Alnatura, for example, all provided with Bioland seal, have a great advantage over other Bio-products: The male Chicks are allowed to live, and come as a brother taps in the rearing. At least can be slaughtered only after three months, and their meat disposed of. Alnatura is considered a pioneer of the “brothers Chicks”Initiative.

The poultry farmers of the “brother rooster Initiative by Germany” (BID) are Demeter and bioland farms, the brother of taps winding according to the guidelines, which go beyond the requirements of Demeter and Bioland also. The “basic bro-Initiative” on brother taps according to Bioland guidelines. The eggs there are in Germany, and all the Basic stores as well. Also in the “for’s”-you can buy stores as well the eggs of the Initiative “Haehnlein”.

Meanwhile, there is also the first pilot project in the conventional area. In 2016, the trade group Rewe and its discount subsidiary Penny have followed suit. There, the eggs are “Jack of hearts” (Penny) and “Spitz&Jack hot” (in Rewe), the laying hens will not be reduced in the beaks, hence the Name “Spitz”. Also, Aldi Süd offers with “hen & rooster” in selected stores for cage-free eggs, their brothers to be raised.

the flesh of the brothers is Chicks more

recycled It is not as easy as it sounds. As for the breeding farms, the Raising of the brothers means Chicks a significant additional effort. They need space, food and care. And also the marketing is new, and time-consuming. A part of the required funds will be raised through the sale of eggs. Therefore, an Egg that the male siblings of the hens are reared, four cents and five cents costs more – at least, not in the eggs of Alnatura.

And what happens with the meat of the brethren Chicks? Most of the broilers are currently processed into soup meat. Alnatura rearing with a Baby baby food for the first time, a meat product from brother rooster. According to a statement from the company’s other products, such as a poultry Sausage are planned.

Who are the “brothers chick”eggs buys, makes a major contribution to animal welfare. And that’s just for a few cents more.


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