The Passat Variant was for decades THE German service and the family car. 30 million buyers opted for the wolf Burger medium-class model. However, in 2024, the production of the Passat could end. Quite possible that the Facelift 2019 for the eighth Generation, in truth, a “Last Edition”.

The Passat Variant GTE is yet to prove now that Wolfsburg are prepared for the electric future. The battery of the Hybrid vehicle has a capacity of 13 kilowatt-hours, instead of the previous 9.9 kWh – at least 31 per cent more. The battery is intended to help the GTE to 57 kilometres in pure electric range. Despite a very slight Gasfußes it reached in the Test, only to 40 kilometers. In urban areas also 41 kilometers for most of the day and, thanks to the petrol engine in the Hybrid no one need fear to stay lying there.

well-Known qualities

Visually, the GTE is on its own 17-inch alloy wheels (type “Montpellier”), to detect trapezoidal embellishers for the exhaust system, and the lettering “GTE” in the area of the A-pillar. To a household electrical outlet, the Hybrid comes after five hours of recovery. Despite a system output of 218 HP, no athletes from the GTE, however, he but holds good everywhere – up to the top speed of 225 km/h. beyond the hybrid drive, the Passat has lost none of its qualities. The seats offer excellent lateral support, the leather steering wheel is nice and braided. Inside, not a hard plastic, like fine feel found. The load volume is convincing. However, all these advantages count for little in a time in which the car sellers demand for a SUV Form.

Very attractive for service driver

The Passat GTE car, as one of the first vehicles in its class, the limits of the only from 2024 for new cars applicable exhaust emission standard Euro 6d. Interestingly, the GTE is the car for company car drivers: you will only need to pay tax of 0.5 instead of 1.0 per cent of the gross new car price, the financial burden for the “clean” GTE is for the employee only half in comparison to another service. The prices for the Passat Variant GTE start at 45.810 Euro. The limited Variant R-Line Edition will cost at least 62.830 Euro.

VW has unveiled the Passat GTE is a fine piece of car. However, the Variant is a vehicle of the past. The E should develop mobility as it desires, that VW, is the extinction of the complex Hybrid technology. Ultimately there are two time-consuming drive concepts in one car. The battery capacity increases, and to decrease the costs further, as in the past, will require most buyers to not have extra gas on Board. And so practical, the Passat Variant is also on duration, he will be able to the SUV wave non stop.

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