Germany is one of the richest Nations in the world and yet can’t afford to pay almost a third of the unemployed in this country according to its own information regularly to a full meal. Correspondingly, 30.3 percent of the German labour spoke at a EU-survey in the year 2017. In 2016, there were 30.0 and 2015 is set to 36.3 percent. On the from the Federal Statistical office collected data has now made the Bundestag deputies of the left party, Sabine Zimmermann, in Berlin, to the attention of.

Cheaper food, no reserves, not a holiday

Specifically, it was asked in the survey, who have a financial Problem, to be able to every second day meat, fish or equivalent vegetarian meal. A total of 7.5 percent of the population 16 years and over reported that this is the case for you to around 5.14 million people.

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Also saw 30.4 percent to lift a third of all citizens over the age of 16 in Germany at the time of survey in 2017 in the situation, unexpected expenditures in the amount of 1000 euros from its own financial resources, such as a car repair or a new washing machine. In absolute Numbers, this was 20,83 million people.

Nearly 16 percent of households lacked the information the money to travel to the annual one-week holiday. This proportion has fallen according to the report, in the past few years. In 2014, he was over 21 percent.

“What, for many, of course, is for a large group of people is priceless,” commented Zimmermann the Numbers. Poverty in Germany is not a marginal phenomenon, but extend across the population.

mad / DPA


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