In October 2001, appeared in the book “water and salt, the primal source of life”, that was the starting shot for the Hype around the Himalayan salt was. The author, Peter Ferreira’s promoted the salt as Allheilmitel for the diseases of civilization. It could fail and correct diet. How the? Himalayan salt contains 84 chemical elements that would have a similar mixing ratio to that of the human blood. In addition, salt have the same “energetic vibrations,” as the human organism.

This information plus the pretty pink color of the salt helped, perhaps in the mistaken belief that Himalayan salt is something Special, Yes, perhaps even healthy. All utter nonsense. The information about the mode of action of the salt has allegedly confirmed this to be a “Institute of Biophysical Research”, based in Las Vegas, but according to research. Ferreira was also the owner of the company light force, one of the largest distributors of Himalayan salt products.

So it promises to be a good cook by This woman: these are the four ingredients for each dish By Denise Snieguole Wachter Himalayan salt tastes: All

fact invented is: Himalayan salt consists mainly of sodium chloride, the reddish color thanks to the iron ions originating from iron oxide impurities. A health advantage? The Himalayan salt provides. In 2002 the Bavarian state sought office for health and food safety 15 different samples of the salt. They noted the high content of sodium chloride: an average of approximately 98 percent. The proportion of other minerals and trace elements of sea salt are comparable.

For a positive impact on the health, there is no scientific evidence. It is considered certain, however, that the Himalayan salt to ordinary table salt, which is simply marketed only to well – and with its propagated effect to mislead consumers. And also the Name is not true actually. Because of the removal of the salt takes place for the most part, in a Central range of mountains of the Pakistani province of Punjab. So, 200 miles southwest of the Himalayas.

dealer says transparent that Himalayan-salt-utter nonsense

just wanted to let the dealer Biomare recently not more so. Actually, they had taken the salt already from the trade, but the demand was there, so they put the salt back on the shelf. Without the note, that Himalayan salt is actually crap and also overpriced. In a note to a consumer, the dealer stated that the salt coming from the Himalayas, because that is where there is no salt deposits. In addition, it was an ordinary rock salt, there is so also in Germany – and much of the Himalayan salt attributed to properties to meet either rock salts or fictitious.

The conclusion of Biomare: The stories were put in circulation, to an inflated price.


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