Exhibition about Holocaust survivors lovers opens in Moscow

Photos: Moscow 24/Michael Sipko

starts In Moscow art exhibition dedicated to the International day of remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust. About it RIA Novosti informs.

the Exhibition “(Not) time for love” opens Monday at the Moscow Jewish Museum and tolerance center.

“the Exhibition will be filled with memories of weddings and Dating in the ghetto, the forbidden gifts, caring and dreams of home, family and their own land”, – stated in the message.

Visitors of the exhibition show graphics, installations, sculptures and paintings on military theme.
in addition, the exhibition will feature diaries, memoirs and biographical novels of concentration camp prisoners. In the framework of the project, you will learn about the fate of Inge Katz and Shmuel Berger, Rochelle Train and Jack Soutine, Mani of Hagelstein and Meyer Korenblit. Will be shown only the 11 stories of love.

the international day of remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust is 27 January. On this day in 1945 the Red army liberated the Nazi death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau (Auschwitz). There were killed about 1.4 million people, 1.1 million of whom were Jews.

Earlier, Valentina Matvienko was awarded the “Keeper of memory”. The award was presented for outstanding contribution to preserving the memory of Holocaust victims.

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