Exhibition of pre-revolutionary advertising posters will be held in the Russian possiblitie

Photo credit: TASS/Artem Korotaev

In the Russian state library will open an exhibition of pre-revolutionary advertising posters. It starts on February 28 and will last until the end of June, informs a portal of the mayor and government of Moscow.

the Exhibition “Urban extravaganza. Russian poster of the late XIX – early XX century” will open in Ivanov’s room. Visitors will be able to see more than 200 posters, which were produced until 1917. In addition, the exhibition will present price lists, posters, cover art from the collections of the collections of the Russian state library and the Museum of Moscow.

in Addition, the exhibition will show films from the Gosfilmofond of Russia and will give lectures on the role of cultural values in advertising.

it is Noted that the is in the prerevolutionary period was distinguished by the brightness and creativity. The posters portrayed colorful characters, inviting resorts, and was also invited to the cinema and exhibitions.

Also is the time were represented in the social and Patriotic which they placed calls to defend the Motherland and work for the front.

the Exhibition “Urban extravaganza. Russian poster of the late XIX – early XX century” will last 4 months. The entrance to it – by tickets. It is clarified that the visit is an age restriction of 18+.

Earlier exhibition about the modern generation and “Studio 54” opened the Biennale in the capital. The authors, their works tell us what it’s like to be young today, and find out whether so much heroes of the new time differ from their predecessors.

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