Experts told, why not have expired products

Photos: Moscow 24/Alexander Avilov

In Roskoshestvo told, why not to eat expired products. This is the website “Arguments and facts”.

According to the gastroenterologist, the immunologist Hopes It expired in food multiply pathogenic microorganisms. It is also unknown whether rules are observed, the cold chain during the transportation of the product and complied with the requirements of the system it is stored in the store.

In this regard, Korolkova urged Russians not to buy the product, the cost of which is reduced due to the expiration of the expiration date.

moreover, must be discredited packaging of goods on which the re-label or spread information about storage time. This marking in most cases, evidence of bad faith of the seller, and therefore the use of these products may be hazardous to your health.

the expert Also urged to refrain from purchasing and using such goods that began to mold even a minimal amount. From those you must get rid of immediately, because harmful microorganisms penetrate deep into the product and get rid of them is impossible.

Earlier it was reported that the Moscow city Duma will discuss the mechanism of disposal of expired drugs. It was noted that in society there is still the problem of getting rid of medicines that have expired from the home kit.

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