Facebook is also changing its chat service Messenger to Complete encryption. This is the world’s largest Online network announced on Tuesday at its developers conference F8 in San Jose.

WhatsApp, other instant messaging service from Facebook has long been the so-called end-to-end encryption, in which only the sender and recipient can see. When Messenger Facebook refused – among other things, to be able to use the platform for communication between companies and their customers to open, as it was called. For the Transmission of confidential information, you could go but already it is in safe mode.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is pushing ahead with the Plan, the Online network for encrypted communication. The chat services have a key role to play.

a new function should be able to invite users friends in Messenger, together a Video. This could be your own Videos, Clips from the Internet or made available on the platform of TV shows, it said on Tuesday. The Messenger will be in this year, also with it’s own Desktop App on Windows and Mac computers.

The Messenger, according to latest Figures, 1.3 billion monthly active users, 410 million of which also use the video chat on the platform. Between businesses and their customers, 20 billion were sent messages per month.

Facebook has with WhatsApp and the Messenger, and a particularly strong Position in the case of chat services. A key competitor is Apple’s iMessage, this works so far, however, only on devices of the iPhone group.



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