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Kramp-Karrenbauer loads for the beginning of June to the CDU-exam after the European elections (13.19 PM)Bayern of the two police officers – proximity to the “rich citizens”-scene (12.29 p.m.)dismissed a lawsuit against Cathy Hummels (11.01 PM)Sri Lankan government bans for the time being, veiling of the face (6.25 PM)socialist election win in Spain – success for right-wing populists (4.23 p.m.), commander of the US detention centre at Guantánamo discontinued (2.17 PM)

the news of The day in the star-Ticker:

+++ 20.09 PM: thousands of Czechs are calling for an independent judiciary +++

thousands of people have demonstrated in the Czech Republic against the Prime Minister, Andrej Babis, and for an independent judiciary. They moved through the centre of Prague, and called for independent investigations against the politicians of the populist party ANO. They shouted slogans such as “We are not blind”. Rallies were also registered in more than one Hundred other towns and cities.

+++ 18.38 at: IS-chief Baghdadi appears for the first time after five years of in-Propaganda-Video +++

for the First time in five years, the IS-leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi appeared in a Propaganda Video. In the of the jihadists militia Islamic state (IS) released a Video of Al-Baghdadi refers to the end of the battles for the IS-Bastion Baghus in the East of Syria, in March. The only known public appearance of Al-Bagdadis was at the beginning of July 2014 in the North Iraqi of Mosul, where he had called on all Muslims to obey the IS Caliphate.

signs of life of the terrorist leader IS-leader Al-Baghdadi for the first time after five years in Propaganda Video to see the

IS-chief Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is one of the most wanted terrorists in the world. After the military victory over the terrorist militia is a mystery where he is. Now he gives a sign of life.

DPA +++ 18.30: the case of Chemnitz: lawyers want to replace Prosecutor – police-mishap +++

In the process to the fatal knife attack on a German in August 2018 in Chemnitz, Germany, has revealed to the police before the court of a breakdown in the investigation. In the case of the provisional arrest of the accused the blood stained hands of the then-suspects were neither photographed nor later in the progress report have been mentioned. That said, the process of the district court of Chemnitz, in Dresden, Germany two police officers as witnesses.

Earlier, the defense at the start of the 6. Negotiation day, the detachment from state’s attorney Stephen Butzkies required. Your application by attorney-at-law, Ricarda reasoned Long with an investigation of the Prosecutor’s office in Dresden. The defence see the danger of lack of objectivity, and that the Prosecutor wanted a conviction at any price. Formerly a suspect has filed a criminal complaint against Butzkies because of perversion of justice and deprivation of liberty. The presiding judge stated that the application of the defence would be forwarded to the chief Prosecutor in Chemnitz for a decision.

+++ 17.54 PM: attack on Libya’s main oil field +++

Libya’s major Oilfield it came to Fighting in the night of Monday to. The state Oil company NOC has condemned “vigorously” the battles, as well as an attack with anti-tank missiles on a Station of the oil Field al Scharara. The NOC staff were not hurt, the Oil production had not been affected, it said. Who the attackers were, remained open. On the oil field al Scharara 315.000 barrels of crude oil are produced daily, nearly one-third of the entire Libyan daily production. Al Scharara is often the target of attacks or blockages, which can lead to production losses.

+++ 17: 29: Boeing CEO provides shareholders: “progress” in the 737 Max +++

Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg has, for the first time since the crisis, in the Wake of two plane crashes to the public shareholders. In the efforts to re-admission of banned occupied misfortune series machines 737 Max there was “steady progress,” said Muilenburg at the annual General meeting of the US aviation group in Chicago. A total of 146 test flights had been carried out with about 246 hours of flight time. After the crash of two identical 737-Max machines in Indonesia and Ethiopia, strongly criticized, on Top-the Manager once again assured that “safety is the top priority” for his company. Reports that Boeing security questions

I have neglected to be able to use the new aircraft as quickly as possible to the market, rejected Muilenburg as “simply not true”. In the case of the accidents in total, 346 people had died.

+++ 17.03 PM: party to the exclusion of Sayn-Wittgenstein from AfD for the time being, Holstein AfD country Manager Doris von Sayn failed +++

by The AfD Federal Executive Board for their hard party, to the exclusion of the former schleswig-Wittgenstein failed in the first instance. The land arbitration court of Kiel rejected according to its own information of a corresponding request of the Federal Executive Board. However, the AfD Federal Executive could turn to the AfD Federal arbitration court, it said in a statement. Until its decision in Sayn-Wittgenstein, was to be treated “furthermore, as a member of the party with all the Rights and obligations”. The Federal Executive had justified the exclusion request so that, Sayn-Wittgenstein, have supported a right-wing extremist Association which was now on the incompatibility list of the AfD. The court did not determine “that you have been a member, or the Association as a supporting member supported”, – stated in the message.

+++ 17.03 PM: Catalonia’s Ex-regional President Puigdemont of European election excluded +++

The electoral authority in Spain has ruled in Catalonia, the former regional President Carles Puigdemont of the European elections. His party.

announced, “Together for Catalonia”. You alleged that the election Commission, its Chairman, to “Silence”. The authority would not comment on the request of the decision. The exile, who had fled Puigdemont, wanted to compete in the election at the end of may as the top candidate of the Alliance. In addition to the Ex-President, two other leaders of the Catalan independence movement have not been approved. Toni Comin and Clara Ponsati had disposed of similar to Puigdemont in the fall of 2017 abroad. Shutter the controversial Referendum was, in consequence of the independence of the northeastern Spanish Region of Catalonia, Puigdemont had declared. He was deposed by the Central government in Madrid as the regional President. In order to avoid arrest for Rebellion, he fled into exile in Belgium. In Spain, the arrest warrant against him remains in force.

+++ 16: 46: Extreme price range for rates at charging stations for E-cars +++

The Charging of electric cars be asked motorists sometimes strong to the checkout. The Bonn-based market researcher EuPD, took currently more than 8100 public charging stations under the magnifying glass. On average, the mobile power is recharge with 23 to 32 cents per kilowatt-hour, said the Institute. The frequent billing to charging time or charging could be to the cost of the event. “In the most expensive Charge rate with a cost of up to 1,39 euros per kilowatt hour, this means electricity costs are five times the average domestic electricity price of 29 cents per kilowatt-hour.”

+++ 16.41 PM: last Survivor of the “White Rose” excellent +++

The last Survivor of the “White Rose”, Traute Lafrenz Page, with the cross of merit 1. Class of the Federal Republic of Germany been awarded. As a member of the student resistance group, the calling of the summer of 1942, and in leaflets of the resistance against the national socialist dictatorship, have made Lafrenz Page in an outstanding way to Germany, informed the office of the Federal President. You’ve heard of the Few, “which had given the crimes of the national socialists with the courage to listen to the voice of their conscience and against the dictatorship and the genocide of the Jews to rebel,” said the office of the Federal President, the decision. “She is a heroine of freedom and humanity.” Lafrenz Page is on 3. May be 100 years old and was involved from November 1942 to the actions of the “White Rose” by the brothers and sisters Hans and Sophie Scholl. In March 1943, she was arrested in April 1945, US troops liberated. Later, they emigrated to the United States.

+++ 16.34 PM: Mummified corpse in the Fire brigade in Rendsburg the basement found +++

When used in a multi-family house in the schleswig-Holstein Rendsburg firefighters have discovered the body of a for about one and a half years of missing homeless people. The mummified body was located in a basement closet, with shared public Prosecutor’s office and police. In accordance with the previous determination, there was nothing pointing to a crime on the since 21. October 2017 missing husband. According to investigators, the search was part of the homeless environment and was at the time of his disappearance 61 years old. The firefighters discovered him on Friday evening, after they had cleared burning debris in the cellar, and then crates controlled.

+++ 16.02 PM: number of dead by the cyclone “Kenneth” in Mozambique rises to 38 +++

The number of dead by the cyclone “Kenneth” in Mozambique has risen to 38. More than three dozen other people were injured, and 35,000 homes destroyed or damaged, as the authorities of the country have informed. Previously had been at least five deaths. Heavy rains led to widespread Flooding. The EU has provided 1.5 million euros in emergency aid. The cyclone raged since Thursday evening in the Southeast African country. In the meantime, “Kenneth has weakened,” according to the civil protection and applies only as a “tropical depression”. “Kenneth” is already the second cyclone within a short period of time, the pulls on Mozambique. In mid-March of his predecessor “Idai” in Mozambique and the neighbouring countries of Zimbabwe and Malawi, severe destruction is had died, a total of about a thousand people.

+++ 15.44 PM: police in Rüsselsheim, Germany, is expanding after shots in the downtown presence of +++

After the shots in the rüsselsheim city centre where there is a conflict between two family clans, the police have increased their presence. With the support of the riot police, special forces and the city police, the existing security should be stepped up measures, police said. The control measures against street crime should be strengthened. In addition, the use of video will discuss surveillance in the city centre.

The fact of Saturday was triggered by a feud of the two families, a danger to innocent bystanders. By the shots, a man had been slightly injured.

+++ 15.43 PM: Buskatastrophe of Madeira: Four deaths from Brandenburg +++

Among the death victims of the Buskatastrophe of Madeira, four-Brandenburg according to information provided by the Potsdam interior Ministry of the interior. It was a 48-Year-old and a 75-Year-old from Brandenburg an der Havel, as well as a 55-Year-old and a 79-Year-old from Linum (Ostprignitz-Ruppin), informed the Ministry. This was confirmed by studies of the Portuguese public Prosecutor’s office finally. The Bus was toppled on Wednesday before Easter, near the island’s capital of Funchal down a slope and crashed into it. At the time of the accident the 29 tourists who came to previous findings, all from Germany died.

+++ 15.39 PM: Islamists in Burkina Faso for killing in Church a Pastor and four believers +++

radical Islamists have attacked in Burkina Faso, according to one report, a Church and a Pastor and four believers killed. The attack on the Evangelical Church in the West African country occurred in the town of Silgadji in the Northern province of Soum, such as the state radio reported on Monday.

. It remained unclear who was behind the attack of Sunday and what were the motives of the attacker. In the Region, there was ever more in recent times to attacks by radical Islamists. On Wednesday and Thursday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel will visit Burkina Faso.

+++ 15.30: Pope exhorts hairdressers to less gossip +++

The Pope has received an unusual visit to the Vatican: He welcomed hairdressers, hair stylists and beauticians in the Vatican and exhorted them, not to the gossip at work. “They exercise their profession in a Christian manner”, he demanded of his guests from the beauty industry. The Pontiff reminded the audience in mind, to treat customers, always friendly and polite, and to not be talkative. His guests should be guided by your Holy, the Peruvian Martin of Porres. The Babier-excited in the 16th century. Century as a Barber and a surgeon caused a stir, because he took care of both hair cuts as well as amputations and Aderlässe.

+++ 15.29 at: whale of a Bridle freed Russian spy? +++

Norwegian fishermen have been rescued at the weekend, a whale may be the life. Off the coast of Finnmark in the North of the country, the white animal had been searching for several days in the vicinity of your boat. On closer Inspection, the men saw that the whale belt was tied around it. After several attempts, they managed to free the whale. Whale researcher suspect that has freed the Mammal from Russian captivity. Audun Rikardsen from the Arctic University in Tromsø, said the Norwegian newspaper “Verdens Gang”, his Russian colleagues believed that the whale had been held by the Russian Navy captured. On the inner side of the belt of the print: Equipment of St.-Petersburg (the equipment from St. Petersburg).

+++ 15.20: British holidaymakers shun Euro zone +++

British holidaymakers to avoid because of the ongoing Brexit-uncertainty, increasingly, the Euro area as a tourist destination. According to a report by the British tour operator Thomas Cook. Has benefited, especially the Turkey, and Greece this year as the second favourite destination of the British to replace. Tunisia also increased in the favor of the British. In the first place Spain is, but still. While in the past year, only 38 percent of UK-Thomas-Cook-customer booked their holiday outside the Eurozone, are it for this year, with 47 percent, almost half. Reasons, especially the strong decline in the value of the British pound compared to the Euro, and the continuing uncertainty of the EU are Thomas Cook, probably the exit.

+++ 15.08 PM: Bishop’s own guilt in cover-up of abuse cases +++

The Bishop of eichstätt, Gregor Maria Hanke holds own words, to be complicit in the cover up of acts of Abuse in the Catholic Church. Dealing with the abuse cases, is certainly a proof, “that the Institution of the Church suffers from the self-fixation,” wrote Hanke in a commentary for the “Herder correspondence”. There was no awareness of how devastating an incorrect dealing with the perpetrators could be. “I speak of here is not a fault in judgement of others, I include myself,” said Hanke. “The cover-up has its cause in this closed circle, in which the self-criticism has no place.”

+++ 15.05 PM: Alleged spy found dead in a Turkish prison cell found +++

A recently in Turkey, arrested the alleged spy of the United Arab Emirates is found dead in his prison cell was found. The state news Agency Anadolu reported that it was suicide. In a statement, the Prosecutor’s office said the man had been during an inspection of his cell in the Silivri prison to 8.16 PM local time, still alive. As of 10.22 PM food had been allocated to, have you found him by the bathroom door for hanging. The man was arrested ten days ago, together with another man. The Pro-government channel, reported TRT, the men had confessed to have for the United Arab Emirates in Turkey, Arabs are being spied.

+++ 14.36 PM: cities expect further rise in real estate prices +++

The real estate prices in Germany continued to rise. In a new survey by the German Association of cities, more than four-fifths of the 71 allocated to cities with a question, that the residential property prices have also 2018. Twelve percent of the cities identified constant prices for land, apartments and houses. Only seven percent of municipalities reported falling prices. The prices of apartments increased in nine of the ten cities. “The result of the survey shows that The supply of residential properties on the market remains behind the high demand,” said the managing Director of the German Association of cities, Helmut Dedy.

+++ 14.25 PM: CDU decide probably until after the European elections on CO2-tax +++

The CDU wants to present in a couple of weeks, its own concept for climate protection. The Secretary-General, Paul Ziemiak said after a meeting of the party committees in Berlin. Whether a CO2 tax will be a part of this concept, is not yet clear. It will, however, be in any case “in such a way that it makes sense, and at the end of not only the consumers pay the bill”. CO2-taxes to the pure tax increase for the sake of not going with the CDU. Germany wanted to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 2024 by at least 40 percent compared to 1990. This goal will, however, be expected to be missed.

+++ 13.46 at: 22 tons of rotting animal hides and skins provide a resting place in Hesse for poor air quality +++

to use animal hides in a truck, have catered to the 5 freeway near Bad Nauheim in Hessen. Several users of the rest area, Wetterau-East, a truck fell on Thursday, from which a stinking fluid dripping, the police announced. In the trailer, officers found skins around 22 tons of animal.

The cargo was not secured and pressed against the outer plan. The truck’s cargo is also not suitable for the unstable. So the packets are dropped in the load compartment. Because the packs were already leaking, flowed an evil-smelling mixture of blood and decomposition fluid to the Parking lot. The driver of the truck was prohibited to continue the journey. The vehicle owner must now pay 3500 Euro for the cleaning of the Parking lot.

+++ 13.19 PM: Kramp-Karrenbauer loads for the beginning of June to the CDU retreat to Europe for choice +++

The CDU Chairman Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has invited party leaders to a private meeting after the European elections. This Kramp-karrenbauer announced during a Board meeting in Berlin, CDU-circles was confirmed.

according to reports, it should go on the exam so, as with the results of the then-current tax estimate and the resulting Priorities. In addition, the continuation of the programme of work of the Federal Executive Board, which has been decided at the annual kick-off retreat should be the topic.

At the same time, the written exam is likely to be an opportunity to discuss the consequences of the European elections for the CDU and the Federal government. Leading CDU politicians are not off-the-record that, depending on the outcome of the European elections and the simultaneously held parliamentary elections in Bremen could be coming to a new crisis of the black-red Federal government – up to an election later this year. This should also mean that Kramp-Karrenbauer is likely to faster to try than expected to inherit Angela Merkel (CDU) as Chancellor.

+++ 12.29 PM: Bayern of the two police officers – proximity to the “rich citizens”-scene +++

Due to its proximity to the “rich citizens”-scene has been deprived of two Bavarian policemen of the status of civil servants. The Bavarian interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) said in Munich. “He who is convinced of the ideas the ‘Reich citizenship’, does not belong to the Bavarian police and has no business there,” said Herrmann.

What is the USK? Right-wing extremism-accusations: many of the Bavarian Elite police officers suspended DPA

When the police officers were the First police main Commissioner of the riot police and a police main master of the Bureau of Swabia North. In both cases, the request for removal from the Beamtenve was rhältnis by the disciplinary authority.

“rich citizens,” do not recognize the Federal Republic as a state. You talk of the basic law, the authorities and the courts the legitimacy and accept any official notices. The movement is observed from the protection of the Constitution.

+++ 12.00: Alleged car race: an investigation on suspicion of murder +++

In the case of an alleged car race in Moers on Easter Monday an innocent woman (43) was killed – now the Prosecutor’s office on suspicion of murder against two suspects. One of the two had already been heard, said state attorney Sebastian Noé. He left open the question of whether the man expresses. After the second am looking for: “We are trying to determine his whereabouts,” said Noé. If he was not staying just in an unknown place or on the run don’t be, “we know”. Noé corrected prior to the information of the authority to the effect that both suspects were fleeting.

Two racers to have high-horsepower cars on a two lane road in Moers is an illegal car race delivered. One of the two should be tried according to witness statements, to overtake his opponent and to the opposite lane. In an intersection, he collided with the small car in the 43-year-old woman who died. The two suspects fled from the scene of the accident.

+++ 11.39 PM: Ahead of Merkel visit: attack with five dead on Church in Burkina Faso +++

in The attack on a Protestant Church in Burkina Faso at least five people have been killed. The pastor was among those killed, it said on Monday from security circles. German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) traveling this week in the West African country.

+++ 11.35 PM: a series of murders shakes Cyprus – more body +++

discovered On the tourist island of Cyprus, the police has discovered another woman’s body. As the state radio (RIK) reported, was found dead on Sunday in a suitcase, the investigators discovered in a lake. The body had been brought to the forensic medical examination in the capital, Nicosia.

Cyprus is currently shaken by a series of murders. A 35-year-old man has confessed to Reports by the state broadcasting company, to have five women and two girls killed. Finally, the police had discovered the information that the bodies of four women.

+++ 11.20 PM: Hochzeitskorso blocked A2 – investigation due to duress +++

a Turkish wedding party has blocked a highway in North Rhine-Westphalia. The Participants this time were caught after their action on the A2 Arrived, the police announced. Against the Parties is determined, among other things, due to duress.

announced As the Dortmund police, observed by witnesses on Sunday around 15: 00 on the A2 in the direction of Hannover, as “nearly a dozen high-quality vehicles” in the area Came to the traffic on all three lanes slowed down and, therefore, the entire highway would be blocked: “The driver outdated to the part on the right, uninvolved vehicles and slowed down. This mentally deranged action lasted, according to witness statements, several minutes before the convoy then writes to the port of Hamm body left the highway”, the police.

+++ 11.06 PM: process died of five-year-old: Alleged IS-wife is silent +++

In the Munich war crimes process verdurstetes jesidisches girls in Iraq don’t want the defendant alleged IS-to Express a follower of the serious allegations. “The accused will defend himself in silence,” said her lawyer at the higher regional court (OLG) in Munich. Previously, the court had aggravated the charges against the Germans from lower Saxony in a note. The Yazidis by the Islamic state (IS) systematically persecuted religious community.

The 27-Year-old is accused of, among other things, murder, war crimes and membership in a terrorist organization. You could be convicted if the allegations prove true against them, for crimes against humanity in the Form of enslavement and torture, and human trafficking.

+++ 11.01 PM: action against Cathy Hummels rejected +++

Instagram-celebrity Cathy Hummels has survived a surreptitious process before the regional court of Munich victorious. The competent chamber dismissed the civil suit of warnings of the known Association of Social competition. Informed readers know that Hummels with your Instagram-follow profile commercial interests, said the presiding judge Monika Rhein. In this respect, it was not unfair advertising.

Hummels has on Instagram, in the meantime, 485 000 Followers. Alone from this high number shows the estimation of the chamber, that the wife of professional soccer player Mats Hummels followed on their side, not a purely private interests. Such a number of friends creates “no man,” said Rhine.

The ruling means no clarification of the legal situation, whether or not so-called Influencers can advertise things without the advertising. The decision is not appealable, in addition, the Berlin-based Association has warned several influencer inside. A parallel lawsuit against the Fitness blogger Pamela Mature before the regional court of Karlsruhe, the Association has won. An upper court decision.


Cathy Hummels before the court

©Tobias Hase DPA +++ 10.50 PM: Sri Lanka’s police chief is defending himself against dismissal +++

Sri Lanka’s police chief is defending himself after the series of attacks on Easter Sunday against his dismissal. Pujith Jayasundara was added to the out throw of President Maithripala Sirisena “cons” and just be “stayed,” said a government representative in Colombo. President Sirisena announced on Friday Jayasundaras resignation and later his Deputy Chandana Wickramaratne to the Executive appointed police chief.

so Far, still no official letter of Resignation from Jayasundara, according to the government representative, but received. He is, therefore, to continue in his service apartment. The police chief needs to be from the Parliament relieved of his duties and shall apply until then officially suspended. Jayasundara was not reached on Monday for comment.

+++ 10.26 PM: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: the Minister of Finance Brodkorb resigned, surprisingly +++

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Finance Minister Mathias Brodkorb (SPD) is surprisingly resigned. In the Morning, was received at the state Chancellery a Letter to the Minister, in which he had informed Prime Minister Manuela Schwesig (SPD) on this step, said a government spokesman, Andreas Timm, the German press Agency in Schwerin. Brodkorb was since 2017 the Minister of Finance. Last Sp annungen between him and stepped Schwesig open days.

+++ 8.17 am: More than 300 Dead in the enumeration of election in Indonesia +++

At the counting of the election results in Indonesia have died according to official information, since mid-April, more than 300 people. The state election Commission reported at least 287 deaths among election workers. In addition, there were 18 deaths in the police. Cause of death was, therefore, in most cases, complete exhaustion.

Indonesia – the fourth-largest country in the world with more than 260 million inhabitants, is made up of more than 17 000 Islands. Elections are always an organizational challenge.

+++ 6.25 am: Sri Lankan government bans for the time being, veiling of the face +++

In Sri Lanka, people are not allowed to cloak after the attack series from the Easter Sunday their faces in Public. The head of state, Maithripala Sirisena grounds, and as of Monday applicable measure of “national security”. No one should cover his face and make identification more difficult. The ban is based on the after the attacks, declared a state of emergency.

+++ 6.17 PM: obtained by fraud in naturalization: 300 new citizens are the Pass again +++

Since the Amendment of the nationality law ten years ago, more than 300 Naturalized citizens have their German citizenship due to deception, bribery or false information again lost. The German press Agency learned from the Ministry of the interior.

+++ 5.06 PM: Bundeswehr forms Saudi to officers cal soldiers +++

in Spite of tensions with Saudi Arabia because of the Yemen war, the German army is from the middle of the year, seven Saudi soldiers to officers. Five of them are expected to start in July a training course in the army, two to be trained by the Luftwaffe, as the German press Agency learned from the Ministry of defence. Seven Saudi soldiers are from July to courses in Germany up to 2024 their officer training.

+++ 4.23 PM: socialists win election in Spain – success for right-wing populists +++

Using your best voice result since eleven years, the socialists have won under Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, the parliamentary election in Spain is clear. Nevertheless, the Socialist workers party (PSOE) narrowly missed the absolute majority after the counting of virtually all the votes with nearly 28.7 per cent. While the Conservatives experienced a debacle, for the first time in decades, a right-wing populist party in Parliament: The first of which was founded in 2013 Formation of Vox, thus confirming a Trend that was already in elections in other EU countries.

+++ 2.17 PM: the commander of the US detention centre at Guantánamo discontinued +++

for the controversial U.S. prison camp in Guantánamo competent commander, rear Admiral John Ring, has been relieved of his duties. Due to the loss of confidence in his ability to be in command of “to comma”, said the U.S. Southern Command in Doral, in the state of Florida. Ring current Deputy, Brigadier General John Hussey, will assume the leadership of the “Joint Task Force Guantanamo” Commissioner. The change will have no impact on the prisoners in the US camp on Cuba. Further details have not been disclosed.

+++ 1.36 PM: Back in the accident on the A71 – two-Dead +++

After the mass pile-up on the A71, there has been on Sunday evening on the highway again in a serious accident with two dead. There are six vehicles were involved, said a spokesman for the motorway police. Both lanes were still blocked. A vehicle was burned out. The accident site is located between Erfurt-Süd and Erfurt-Nord. A rescue helicopter was in use. There are also four slightly injured. Further Details were not initially disclosed. The MDR Thüringen had initially reported.

On Sunday afternoon, 25 people were injured in a pileup on the A71 in the South of Thuringia, four of them seriously. Due to the sudden smoothness and hail drove, therefore, between Suhl and Meiningen on the roadway in the direction of 50 cars into each other in Schweinfurt. On the opposite lane it was because of smoothness at the same height further accidents with five cars involved. The A71 between the connection Meiningen posts are being blocked-the North and the triangle Suhl for several hours in both directions.

+++ 0.13 PM: Former US Senator and Federal cross of merit, carrier Lugar died +++

The longtime US Senator and recipient of the Federal cross of merit, Richard Lugar, is dead. Lugar died on Sunday at age 87 at a hospital in Falls Church in the U.S. state of Virginia announced at the effects of a rare nerve disease, as he founded the Lugar center in Washington. The savvy foreign policymakers, from Indiana sat from 1977 until 2013, Republicans in the U.S. Senate. Shortly after his retirement, he was awarded in may 2013, the Federal cross of merit.

vit / wue / DPA / AFP


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