It’s been a few years since outsourced Facebook its messages in a separate App. First of all, she was only an offer, then it became the duty of The Messenger App is currently the only way, on the phone, his Facebook-retrieve messages – officially at least. We’ll tell you how it works.

Because whether it’s in the official Facebook App or in the Browser: Tap on the messages icon, the Smartphone either in the Messenger App, or prompt to install it. There are good reasons to want the App on his Smartphone. What are these exactly, we will explain in this article. Know what the least user: The lock is easy to circumvent.

Notorious battery-eaters should Why throw any the Facebook App from his Smartphone From the painted Mans Facebook messages get Messenger

To do this, just open Facebook in a Browser, such as Google Chrome or Safari, and then request the Desktop Version. You can easily access with a tap on the Messenger icon on the page of your messages. Read, reply, and group chats to work without restrictions.

Particularly practical: The smartphone-optimised mobile site “” you must not leave, despite the Desktop mode, the Interface remains on the Smartphone Display, easy to operate.

And to turn on the Desktop mode:

So it goes with Google Chrome

In Chrome, you tap the top right of the menu icon consisting of three dots. Scroll down in the menu to the bottom and select “show Desktop”. The method works both in the Version of Chrome for Android as well as on the iPhone.

So it works in Apple Safari

In the iPhone’s Safari Browser, the Desktop mode is a bit hidden: It is located in the Share menu. Tap the square icon with the arrow upwards in the middle of the menu ribbon. You swipe now at the lower Band with the grey icons from the right to the left and select request Desktop.

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photos, Links and documents

find find Sent to the left again, in the case of Whatsapp very quickly. Select the appropriate Chat and tap the top of the contact or group info. Under the tab “media, Links and Docs” to find all images, Videos, Links, and documents that were sent to this unit via Chat.

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