In Saudi Arabia have been executed according to the interior Ministry 37 people after terrorism charges. The Saudi citizens are supposed to have built, among other things, terrorist groups, security forces attacked and terrorist ideology adopted, reported the state news Agency SPA on Tuesday. Amnesty International criticized the “mass execution” and spoke of an alarming escalation of death penalty in the Arab Kingdom.

“It is another terrible indication of how the death penalty is misused as a political tool,” said Lynn Maalouf of Amnesty International. The majority of those executed come from the Shiite minority in the country. The men had been sentenced in sham negotiations, which would conflict with any international Standards.

beheading, shooting, stoning

The Kingdom is because of the death penalty international criticism. In General, the Condemned to be executed – publicly – executed. The most common method in Saudi Arabia is beheading by a sword. Also, shootings and Stonings are possible, according to the non-profit Association Initiative against the death penalty e. V., but would be less often applied. According to news Agency AFP was one of the now Condemned to be crucified. A method of Execution that was intended only for the most serious crimes. According to news Agency AP, a dead body had been placed in addition, for several hours publicly on a stake for all to see. Both agencies relied on information from the Ministry of the interior.

“Washington Post”report, such As Saudi Arabia, the Khashoggi-children, apparently, to Silence want to find instead of AFP

The beheadings in part to public places. Several according to media reports, tied the prisoners, blindfolded and kneeling by an executioner decapitated.

A Reporter for the “time” is the story of 2014 with a public beheading in Riyadh, like this:

“your hands are tied on the back, on the faces of wide, grey cloths knotted. For a Moment, the executioner, concentrates in his flat in front of him, kneeling victims, presses with the left index finger eyes the exposed neck is still a little down. Then the crooked swishes sword down, the head falls to the blanket warehouse, a fountain of Blood sprayed from the hull. The Torso tilts forward and strikes the ground. Hastily over the tinny speaker, the Name and deeds of the hung gloss over were down, while wiping executioner slowly his blade with a white cloth.”

the public to the expiration of the “time to write”Journalist:

“a riot police officer rank all the passers-by behind the barriers and keep every viewer in the eye. No one is allowed to take only a cell phone in Hand, photos from his place of execution, are strictly prohibited – you could damage the country’s reputation. Snack bar and Café under the arcades must close.”

the crimes and offenses which may be punished in the ultra-Orthodox Islamic theocracy with the death count, among other things, terrorist (plans), robbery, kidnapping, murder, rape, and espionage.

Amnesty International criticized the Saudi criminal processes are often not a fair trial. Because confessions were extorted by torture or the accused criminal lawyer would be denied. In the “death penalty report, 2018”, the human rights organization, occupied Saudi Arabia, with 149 executions of the third place in the list. Only China (“thousands”), and Iran (at least 253) came to the 2018 world more full death track met.

Saudi Arabia is supposed to have done in this year, 104 people

Under the well executed eleven men that had been convicted of spying for Iran, were reported to Amnesty. At least 14 more people were convicted for their participation in Anti-government protests in the East of Saudi Arabia in the years 2011 and 2012. Among the Convicted, a young man who was at the time of the protests, only 16 years old. According to international law the death is forbidden punishment against minors, such as Amnesty stressed. Earlier this year, at least 104 people had been executed, most of the offences in connection with drugs.

sources: Amnesty International, coalition to abolish the death penalty in e. V., “time”, “daily show”, news Agency DPA


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