no one has the guts to FC Bayern in the run-up to the game against Liverpool that they are at Anfield without conceding a goal. However, the Team of Niko Kovac presented itself as a disciplined and cohesive unit, followed a clear Plan. The 0:0 is a little success – particularly for the much-criticized coach Kovac seen. So most of the media evaluate the result, and warn but at the same time to the fact that still not everything is decided. A view in the press.

“picture”: “Bayern in crisis? What was there…? Seriously, It is impressive, as coach Niko Kovac 2019 the situation in his favor. (…) This draw has a high coach-to-share. So compact and disciplined, the FC Bayern is not occurred for a long time. Kovac had a Plan and the players followed him.”

“Süddeutsche Zeitung”: “The tactics and their implementation took Klopp’s team has the momentum and put out the fire at Anfield. The mystical brick-a stadium that never before has a German team managed to win was everything. The famous “You’ll never walk alone” sang the Fans so loud you could not hear the the same time from the boxes next Champions League anthem. The game started so well with a hurricane, but as Salah and Mané into the Void were, so also will the chants from the stands fell silent as the blows of a boxer, which is after the first few hard fist blows on the punching bag tired. In the end, only drizzle instead of a storm from the stands anyway – the trump card of Anfield has lost Klopp in this duel.”

“Sport1”: “FC Bayern has let the myth of Anfield Road don’t be intimidated. After a courageous eighth-final first leg at Liverpool, the German record champion has a good chance of progressing in the Champions League. The FC Bayern Munich performed a total of very appealing idea of Jürgen Klopp’s team with 0:0 and thus has a favourable starting position for the ninth Time in a row in the quarter-finals of the king class to collect.”

Hazardous situation

“Kicker”: “FC Bayern has developed on Tuesday night with a 0:0 in Liverpool proper, but at the same time dangerous position for the return match in the Champions League knockout stage.”

Sport compact 1:1 against Hoffenheim: Leipzig missed the jump to 3rd place in the Monday night game of the Bundesliga DPA

“Spiegel online”: “FC Bayern has shown in the first leg of a disciplined and defensively strong performance and, thus, his chances of going through improve. In the return game and the Bayern approach is, however, a way in Liverpool nothing. The necessary to win, you need to go more risk, which will in turn open the superior counter-attacking players Salah, Firmino and Mané rooms.”

“”: The German record champion was presented from the Start as a unit. Every player, even the front row, had his defensive tasks. By the early starts and rigorous Clearance in front of the penalty area succeeded, even temporarily, to the Anfield Road so silent that the guests were listening to Fans. The dreaded Offensive to Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mané and Robert Firmino has not been taken completely out of the game, but restrained.

“ the”: “as the little miss understanding after just 97 minutes of play (between Klopp and Kovac in the Hand, n.d.Red.) the Munich-based the 0:0 triggered on Tuesday evening, all tasks on the lawn – self-consciously and confidently. The Bavarian “Mia san mia“, which had a lot of misses this season, was at it again, as it was on the big stage of international football. “We have achieved our goal,“ said Kovac. “Now we must see that we make at home the bag.“ In three weeks, the return game in Munich. Then will be missing in addition to Thomas Müller, is blocked because of a Red card for both games against Liverpool, also Joshua Kimmich. He has to serve a Yellow-lock.”



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