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TV commentator and ice hockey, which is a dangerous Job. This impression, when you see how just a Puck misses the TV commentator Pierre McGuire. A Twitter Video shows that between Puck and head really only inches missing. And the Puck is so fast that McGuire responded, as the hard rubber-floor is already over. Would have flown the Puck so slightly different: McGuire would have had no Chance. He would have at least landed in the hospital – if he would have survived the hit.

TV-commentator in ice hockey is dangerous

According to the US-page “Mashable” occurred the incident on Monday evening (local time) at the game between Tampa Bay Lightning and the Columbus Blue Jackets in the US hockey League NHL. That there is no plexi-glass protects McGuire, is due to the fact that he’s sitting, according to CBS between the benches of both Teams. In ice hockey the player when changing swing, often directly over the ties, so that a cutting disc would be a hindrance. And the players to keep at the Bank their helmets, so that you are protected – not as a TV commentator McGuire, who only wears a Headset on the head.

McGuire the incident commented, is not yet known. Though there are under his name multiple Twitter Profiles, most of them are Satire Accounts. Apparently, McGuire polarized among NHL Fans, as in Germany, some of the football commentator, Fans of the Bundesliga or the national team. Hopefully there will be NHL Fans, however, anyone that McGuire had requested a headshot.

McGuire was a hockey player and coach, before he started to comment at first for the Radio to football games and analyze them.In the meantime, he’s doing the Job for NBC Sports.

sources: Scott Abraham on Twitter, Mashable, NBS Sports, and CBS.



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