What to watch FC Bayern Munich is currently in terms of cohesion, described by Sky-expert Uli Köhler last-tempered. The long-standing and well-networked Bayern-Reporter was a guest of the October visit to the FCB. And he was apparently a witness of how the supposed “Mia san mia”-the team blew up after only a few minutes of Folklore on the “Wiesn”.

Accordingly, striker Robert Lewandowski had come after just a few minutes with the phone on the ear of the marquee and have a powder. Similar to Thiago’s behaviour. Jérôme Boateng was even vanishes through a door, whose family was not, however, wounds due to a different output resolution, to make it stand out so, so köhler’s conjecture.

That it’s just not the big Joint goes to the record champion, a new report by the US sports channel ESPN, which has been prepared by the Munich “Bavaria” -Insider Raphael honey stone testifies. This is reported by open criticism within the team, in the since July dedicated coach Niko Kovac.

According to a source from the Team, would be critical of “several older professionals,” the work of the 46-year-old native Berliner and his competence in doubt. “Half the team is not fully convinced of him,” the anonymous end – of-FCB-Profi stick to the ESPN Reporter betrayed.

defender Mats Hummels had indicated already to the public a first indication of the Frustration in the Team, as he practiced after the 0:3 against Mönchengladbach open criticism of the tactical corset. “We have to keep us with too many players in completely safe areas,” complained the champion of the world after the bitter home defeat. “This is always the case.”

in Addition, to be in the attack zone “to a few people where it hurts the opponents,” said Hummels. According to ESPN, this is exactly the crux of the criticism for the non-closer-called FCB-Profi to honey stone so formulated: “Kovac is good in terms of Fitness and defensive Organisation. But the players have expected solutions for the Offensive and not get.“

“Bild” also reports that the Stars of the record master “annoyed” by Kovac permanent Cycling. This would send the player after each workout for 20 minutes and after each game for half an hour for Cycling, the Lactate levels return to levels to be downloaded and, therefore, injury or Overload to prevent.

it Almost looks like the waiting is now on Uli Hoeness uncomfortable times. The Bayern President had recently, and to the fierce public criticism of Kovac announced that he would defend the new head coach “to the blood”. He can and must begin, apparently, in the inner club circle.


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