The appointment was overshadowed by great expectations and emotions. The German football Museum in Dortmund had charged in a football film festival to present a documentary to pay tribute to a special child in the Bundesliga.

“maker. Man. Legend“ – the title of the piece is. It focuses on the German Bundesliga veteran Rudi Assauer, the Borussia Dortmund and Werder Bremen as an Active marked, and later as a coach and then as Manager of the cult club Schalke 04 successfully.

The 74-year-old Assauer, however, was not able, on this special night. For some time the used to be so passionate cigar suffers from Smoking to Alzheimer’s, he himself had this made in 2012 to the public. His daughter Bettina Michel, however, was present, who cared for her father in Herten. Michel said at the event, how “Reviersport” reported how dramatically it is now Assauer “He is in a very, very wide stage, we have no more illusions,” said Michel. In the meantime, was also “attacked the motor skills” of your father, “but he thinks he’s very brave.”

Assauer-daughter: “A strange feeling”

While Assauer finally, on 21. May 2017 to Schalke anniversary game on the occasion of the profit of the Uefa Cup (Motto “20 years of the Eurofighter – not more Thanks Huub”) in the stadium sat, and the former Coach Huub Stevens the honor was, this is now possible. Visits to the Arena, Bettina Michel, were no longer possible. For the said Schalke-lover in your arena, be visits, now without a father, always a strange experience. “A funny feeling, when I look to the right,” said Michel: “Since dad has been sitting all these years.”

At the screening of the film, other former Schalke – such as, for example, Ex-professional Ingo Ander Bruges – one of the party. In all of the 150 visitors to the descriptions of the Assauser triggered, a subsidiary of great consternation. The neurodegenerative disease is Alzheimer’s disease, the brain mass of the Diseased decreases due to the death of neurons steadily, so that the patients must also be psychologically and physically cared for is increasing.


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