Contents page 1 — “I had to constantly use fear, in the morning not to Wake up again” on page 2 — “The fear, to understand how we want to live” page 3 — “Since I can remember, I blame fear” On a page

Jan Kalbitzer read is a psychotherapist, to talk to people about your Fears, he is used to. But when he talks about the own Fears, he comes sometimes to Ponder. The book, we want to speak, was a private person, he says at the beginning – not that of a psychotherapist or researcher.

Zeit ONLINE: you have written about the fear of death, which, as you say, is of great concern to many people. Some even morbidly. What is meant by that?

Jan Kalbitzer: the fear of death is a Symptom, which occurs more often: There is this fear in the context of the hypochondriacal delusion. There is also a psychosis that goes with it, that people believe to be already dead, the Cotard syndrome. And, in the case of anxiety disorder people have lawns often have physical symptoms, such as the heart, which they believe that they lead to death. But the fear of death is not often even in people that are due to mental health complaints in the treatment – and I find that remarkable. After my book appeared, told me a surprising number of people that you know, the fear. Many of you already drives for a long time. And many who came to see me – especially men – that had never spoken with someone about it.

Jan Kalbitzer

is a medical specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy in private practice and head of the AG’s Mental health at the Charité Berlin. His book “the gift of mortality” appeared in the Blessing Verlag.

TIME ONLINE: And what exactly are the Fears? Suddenly falling over dead?

Kalbitzer: on the one Hand, the. The fear of dying suddenly, or the next Morning, not waking up. On the other hand, the fear of an agonizing death.

TIME ONLINE: it is not necessary to keep the apart? The fear of Dying, the agony, the loss of independence is something other than the fear of death, so in front of the non-existence.

Kalbitzer: That’s true. For many people, the fear of Dying in the course of life, when you realize that living life in spite of physical limitations. Studies show that people in old age have a good and satisfying life, if you accept the limitations, if you have a few restrictions.

The fear to be non-existence, I, too, had, seems, however, a fundamentally different phenomenon. I have taken on my search for their origin, a few hours of Therapy, the psychotherapist Irvin Yalom. And has coined the notion of the “unlived life”. The fear of death can be a fear of it, his life is over to live. A fear of no longer exist, although one has not lived his own life.

TIME ONLINE: How were you aware of your fear, aware of it?

Kalbitzer: In a hotel room In Munich, I have made an experience of the psychologist Steven Hayes later called a spiritual experience, for I was not yet ripe. I lay on my bed, closed my eyes and had the feeling to fall. I started me from the outside and say goodbye to the own story of my life. After a while, the fear: fear that something Bad might be with me, and fear of dying came up. When I told my Editor of the adventure and the fear, encouraged me to write a book about it.


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