children should be vaccinated according to the view of physicians President Frank Ulrich Montgomery, not only against measles but also against other diseases is mandatory. To limit “a compulsory vaccination on individual diseases, is therefore problematic, because today, in General, multiple vaccines are used and preparations against certain diseases are no longer even available,” he said of the editors ‘ network of Germany.

Montgomery claimed, therefore, that the compulsory vaccination. “All of the vaccinations that the Standing Committee on vaccination recommends today for children, should be mandatory.” Only if everyone vaccinated will, there would be a Chance to eradicate these diseases.

vaccinations – why they are important vaccinations save lives

vaccinations are one of the biggest Successes in the history of medicine. Whole course could sometimes be deadly, eradicated diseases such as smallpox. Vaccinations save lives each year worldwide, about six million people (Ehreth, 2003). The number of infectious diseases against which there are vaccinations, has been reduced dramatically (Bloom et al, 2005). Vaccinations are extremely effective, only the access to clean drinking water is a global yet effective (Andre et al, 2008) in the fight against widespread infections.


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