There is a famous saying that “dogs are man’s best friends” but this is not always true. According to the American Veterinary Association, it has been stated that every year, more than 4.5 million people get injured due to dog bites. As a result, they seek severe medical attention for recovery. Mostly children and elders are victims and they can go through a traumatic experience. They suffer from physical as well as emotional scars.

Usually, dogs bite when someone triggers them or someone tries to snatch their owner’s commodity. But if the fault is not yours and the dog went out of control because it was already aggressive and bit you or any of your family members. Then you have full right to file a lawsuit.

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Steps You Should Take After Dog Bite

Some essential steps are must to follow. These steps will help you to save your life and benefit you in a dog bite lawsuit against the at-fault party.

  • Seek Medical Help

Seeking medical help is one of the most significant steps. Certainly, your health and safety come first. However, if you feel like the dog bite’s wound is not that deep and will heal soon but still, you must visit a doctor. As dog bites lead to severe infection and it takes months to recover from these infections.

However, visiting a doctor will help you in the lawsuit. As you can use your medical receipts and reports as evidence.

  • Collect Information About Dog and It’s Owner

You should collect the information about the owner. If a dog has bitten you and you are not in a stable condition out of pain then you can ask someone with you to collect the information like contact number, name and address.

This information will help you to take action against the dog’s owner.

  • Record The Details

You should record all the necessary details. Recording the incident will help you to recall it. You can write up all the information like

  • How did the incident happen?
  • What were you doing at that time?
  • Where was the dog’s owner at that time?
  • What did you do after the attack?
  • The information about the eye-witness who was present at that time.
  • Take The Pictures

You should immediately take pictures of the wounds and pictures of the torn and bloody clothes. These injury pictures can be used as evidence.

  • Filing A Report

Filing a report is vital for legal documentation. You can file a report at the police department, at the authority that handles these cases or at the animal control department.

  • Contact A lawyer

Hiring a lawyer is important even if you don’t want to take the lawsuit to the court. Lawyers have experience in handling dog bite cases so they will deal with the case competently. Your lawyer will claim compensation on your behalf and help you to win the case.


Are You entitled For The Dog Bite Settlement?

Whether you are entitled to the dog bite settlement or not, relies on the question.

That is why did the dog bite you?

  • Who or what triggered the dog?
  • Was the dog bite a reaction to any of your irritating acts?
  • Was the dog protecting something valuable like his toy or his owner’s property?

Usually, dogs bite when someone irritates them or tries to snatch something from them. If a victim provoked the dog, then the pet owners won’t agree to the settlement.

However, if the dog bites because

  • His owner gave him permission
  • The dog was not feeling well
  • Or it was in an aggressive mood

Then the owner is responsible for his pet’s behavior and action. The owner should have to control his dog. In this scenario, you are entitled to a monetary settlement.


What kind of compensation the victim can claim for?

Victims can claim compensation for

  • Medical expenses
  • For the severity of injuries
  • If the injuries hinder daily activities
  • Lost wages or losing earning potential
  • Emotional trauma

The importance of an attorney

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a dog bite, it is important to have an attorney on your side. The law can be complex and attorneys are well-equipped to help navigate through the legal system and protect your rights. Here are some reasons why having an attorney in a dog bite lawsuit is important:


1. Understanding the law:

Dog bite lawsuits can involve many different laws, each with its own set of rules. An attorney can quickly understand which laws may apply to your case and help you stay within them.

2. Understanding the facts:

Dog bite lawsuits can involve a variety of factual situations, including who was bitten and when. An attorney can help you understand what happened and how it happened, especially if you didn’t witness the events firsthand.


Wrapping Up

Indeed, dog bite severely affect the victim. The victim suffers from physical pain and emotional trauma. Along with the financial loss due to lost wages. Furthermore, he spends a huge amount on medical treatment.

However, these steps will enable you to receive treatment and you will know what to do next. Without a doubt, getting legal help makes it simpler. The lawyers will understand the situation and take the action accordingly. They will also let you know how much compensation you deserve and what legal steps need to be taken.