What kind of salary would you like to have, fixed or based on performance, the more you work the more the monthly amount will be. In most countries in the world, wages are paid in a fixed amount, but there are also industries where the employee’s monthly income is based on the performance he shows at work. For example, in the agricultural industry, where seasonal workers are constantly in demand for harvesting vegetables or fruits from large plantations. The workers on these plantations do not have a fixed salary, but they are paid according to how much fruit or vegetables they would pick during the day. The more pounds of fruit you pick, the more you will be paid. There are a number of other industries where this method of payment works, such as construction, textiles, and so on.

If you were given the opportunity to choose now, would you choose to receive a fixed amount or a salary per performance? Surely you would say that you are completely satisfied with the current amount of money that goes to your transaction account every month, but if you think a little better, you will think that the salary you are currently working for somehow does not seem to be enough for all the work you invest in your job. Today we will dwell a little more on this topic, ie what it means to be paid on a piecework basis and what is a piece-rate employee and much more related to this topic.

Let’s first get acquainted with the definition, ie what is a piece-rate employee?


Let’s say you do construction work, let’s be more precise, you do the painting. So far you have worked in a construction company, where your salary is fixed and your time is fixed. However, you feel that your work in the field is worth much more than the money you earn. You decide to quit your job and look for a job that would be paid according to your performance no matter how many hours you work, whether it is 5 hours, 8, or 10. In this case, you automatically become a piece-rate employee. The money you would earn this way is a kind of motivation that makes you focus more on your work because at the end of the day you have the opportunity to earn double or even triple the previous job.

Of course, in this type of work there are a number of features that for some would be an advantage, but for some a disadvantage. Here are some of them.

Reduced supervision

The benefits of being a piece-rate employee are so great that we do not know where to start. But we believe that this advantage is one of the important reasons why many people leave their fixed salary. There are people with different personalities, and especially common are those who have a problem with authority as well as the people assigned to them for supervision. The good thing about this job is that there is no one here to supervise you and constantly point you to mistakes you did not make or you are not the one to blame. This worker is his own supervisor, he does his job himself and assesses whether it is well done or not.

It is easy to calculate how much you would earn


All you need to do to calculate how much money you would make today is to use simple math. Let us return to the example with the painter. Let’s say the price for your service is $ 20 per square foot. If the house or space you work in is 50 square meters, do the math, and you get $ 100 for what you did. Too easy, isn’t it? The larger the square footage, the more you would earn.

It can motivate you

Unlike job positions where the fixed amount of salary has already been determined, this principle somehow proves to be negative on the functioning of the company. The workers consider that a minimum of effort is sufficient and they complete their obligations superficially. As for the employee who depends on how much effort and time he will invest in work today, the outcome will be even higher. Piecework job positions motivate the employee to invest extra to earn as much as possible.

Goals are easy to set


In this system of work, workers can easily set their targets, and along the way estimate for how long they can achieve a goal. This system forces workers to advance in a professional sense every day, to upgrade and break personal records. You know how they say, when you want something, nothing is impossible.

But even in this system, there are a series of troubles that you could encounter, because not everything can be great.

In the employer-employee relationship, some irregularities can often occur from a legal point of view. And even in the piecework system. But to avoid such a situation, you should always be prepared for some unexpected illegal events. Therefore, if you are a price-rate worker, we strongly recommend that you contact a professional who has sufficient knowledge on this topic, and if you do not know where you could go if you feel threatened, we have the right solution for you. The answer to all your problems and questions can be found on Bibiyan Law Group. Many with a similar or same problem as yours have received the answer that they have no case, while the lawyers from this office have taken matters into their own hands and helped many people to pursue justice on their side. The satisfaction of many from working with them is just proof of their professionalism and commitment to the field.

If you want to become a price rate employee and strive for this system of work in order to progress and earn more than what is needed, then you have our blessing, you should do it because you deserve the best. Just in case, bookmark the link above, in case you come to a dead-end because this is the right place to go.