Find out the cause of death of a schoolboy in Moscow suffer because of unrequited love

As it became known “MK”, about two months the student flushed feelings for the same age-classmate, but the girl cool reception to the favors. On March 30th, the young girl decided to give the gate turn – this caused cavalier a mental confusion. The student on this day I sent to friends a strange message that everyone loves.

by the way, He sometimes complained to my parents (they are both in the profession managers) that may not find understanding with the lady, they tried to spread out the situation on the shelves. And came to the conclusion that the girl did not really touch the feelings of a classmate. But Frank conversation was not helping. On 31 March he shocked father a question about death. Parent is not alarmed by the thought of offspring.

in the Evening the family decided to go to the store. In the car there was again a conversation on the theme of love and separation. The teenager said that he needed to use the toilet. Got out of the car, walked to your door and never came back. A few minutes later the father heard a dull sound.

the man from the first marriage remained a child, and the heartbroken mother of a schoolboy it was only son. Despite the withdrawal, on 1 April parent went to the Investigative Committee to the investigator.

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