In Germany are to die Mainzer researchers believe that significantly more people to the consequences of fine dust than previously thought. According to a study by the Max-Planck-Institute (MPI) for chemistry, approximately 120,000 people per year in this country due to fine dust prematurely died, such as the ARD-magazine “Monitor” reported.

The number is almost twice as high as data from the European environment Agency, the EEA, from the year 2017. The experts were assumed to be of 66,000 premature deaths in Germany. The Mainz study is not yet published as peer-reviewed article in a professional journal. The MPI wanted to give, on request, neither insight into the study, questions to answer. This makes an evaluation of the study difficult.

“fine dust there was in the economy is always already”

the Federal environment Agency in Dessau did not want to comment on this, because the study was not yet known in Detail. The new study from Mainz, Germany, is based to “Monitor”information on data from 40 international studies from 16 countries. Agriculture is, therefore, around 45 per cent of the fine particulate pollution is responsible. In particular, the mass animal farming contribute to it as well.

ammonia outgassing connect according to the report, in the atmosphere with other gases, and fine dust. The President of the German farmers ‘ Association, Joachim Rukwied, said at the Green week in Berlin: “fine dust in agriculture has always been, it will be in the future.” The study still needed to be assessed. “What I criticize, but really, the conclusions that are drawn.” The included “death statistics” for the “highly irresponsible” and “immoral”.

According to estimates by the Federation for environment and nature conservation Germany, the study provides, however, other good reasons for the overdue reconstruction of the animal husbandry.


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