For her friends Anika, only the Snapchat Queen. 4,000 people followed the Account of the young Londoner on the Instant-Messaging service that is, first and foremost, to send photos. Anika was happy about her fame, shot up to 25 Selfies and edited with the built-in Filters. Optionally, you missed dog ears, or a flower crown. And was excited about a side-effect of The fun-Filter let the hump on your nose disappear. On the annoyed you for a long time.

But then the problems started. Sometimes your Followers suggested to meet in person. Anika was confused. “I always thought I had to look like my Selfie,” she reports in “the Guardian”. In Public, the young woman sat so that her nose was not visible from the side. And they began to investigate. After beauty’s medical Director were willing to remove the small hump on your nose. At that time she was just 20 years old.

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Anika’s story is representative of a new phenomenon: in the past, patients photos of the Stars brought with them to the clinic, wanted to the nose or chin. Today, there are in fact photos of you self – edited with Snapchat Filters, or image-editing App Facetune, reported the British beauty surgeon Tijion Esho. He also coined the colloquial term “Snapchat Dysmorphic disorder”. What is it exactly?

The term derives from a Dysmorphobie. Concerned, people take themselves as ugly or disfigured to be true. It is a psychological disorder in which the thoughts at the beginning of circles, often only a part of the body, for example skin, hair or nose. Affected often engage in for hours with the alleged blemishes that are not objectively recognize it as such. Because of a body dysmorphic disorder can be accompanied by depression should be treated. Treatment of choice is behavior therapy.

it is Unclear, whether, Selfies, and Snapchat-filters can trigger a Dysmorphobie. A study in the US journal “JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery” points in this direction. Is not proved yet. So it could disease, the filters trigger, although dissatisfaction with the own body – in the end, but no. In case of doubt, the symptoms should be discussed with a doctor. This is especially true if patients suffer from their alleged beauty swap, pull back, and in your everyday restrict.

“individual cases from the” Generation Selfie “”

On demand of the “German society for Aesthetic plastic surgery confirmed” that there is in this country, patients are the result of a Filter to be dissatisfied with their appearance. “Our Doctors have actually more and more frequently, people who want to customize, due to Instagram images of her Appearance to the supposed ideal image or a perceived blemish on photos or Selfies on the road is detected,” confirmed a spokeswoman to the star. However, it was more a case of “single cases from the Generation of the Selfie”.

At the Wish of patients a comprehensive consultation in the foreground, the spokeswoman explained. Among other things, the question should be clarified, whether the intervention was actually necessary. “In the case of unrealistic ideas of treatments to be rejected.”

Anika was at a cosmetic surgeons in the UK advise. She showed the doctor one of your Videos with Snapchat Filter. Particularly well-liked with a Filter, let your face alien. “I thought to myself: ‘That looks great, my nose looks so much smaller’.” The doctor told her that he had to operate on her nose and asked Anika to arrange a new appointment along with her mother.

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Anika took a year of time, your OP to reconsider plans. They finally decided for a smaller engagement, and the nose with hyaluronic acid injections. As a result, the nose acts back in the profile is straight, even if only temporarily. After about a year of the hyaluronic acid is degraded by Anika wants to do the surgery and then repeat. “I think I needed the easy-to-change me on the inside. So I could stop looking for perfection,” she says, looking back.

your Snapchat profile you deleted in the meantime.


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