This holiday is not likely to forget a family from the English Chester so quickly. Because your flight was overbooked, informed you of the Airline Easyjet at the airport of Palma de Mallorca, that your three-year-old daughter had to stay. The newspaper “The Independent” reported.

most Airlines will overbook their flights

flights overbook to for most of the Airlines commonplace: In General, you do not sell more Tickets for a flight than there are seats in the machine, because regular passenger services emerge. But not always this strategy is. Then the airlines Volunteers who stay back, often in return for financial compensation.

however, no-one will be selected randomly to someone. In this case, it met the three-year-old, although children and frail people are actually the exception. Who checks in as the English family at the airport, has a greater risk of being selected.

Easyjet acknowledges Panne

On demand, Easyjet announced that it had traded in the selection of the girl to a glitch in the automatic selection system. The fell on the staff in Palma then: “The Check-in Manager has changed, so that it was my husband who was on the overbooked Ticket”, said the mother to the “Independent”according to a report. Finally, the whole family didn’t allowed to go on Board.

Easyjet will now consider why the family has not been declared at the baggage check-in first at the Gate for volunteers will be sought before someone is forced to stick around. The airline advised prior to your travel to the airport to check in.



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