The work world is in the midst of change: The “nine-to-five”Job, so the job in the office, to go you on time in the morning and leave again in the evening, is still the Norm. The personnel departments of large corporations and medium-sized companies working equally long at new work models, Home-Office, reconciliation of work and leisure, and the family or the individual working time are only the beginnings. It is The detachment of work to rigid components such as time and space is more to it:.

This is equivalent to a Revolution of the work. Because of the fixed work and fixed working hours were for many decades a constant in the world of work. But, with digitisation, there are no rigid requirements. Only a block from the world of work seems irrefutable: The payment according to the time.

The salary in Germany is still an absolute taboo. The fee transparency act, which should actually bring a bit more clarity on the distribution of salaries in a company, has failed. The Wage inequality between men and women has not improved. And a look at current job advertisements shows that still it is in the case of new Jobs in order to have a clearly defined working week. Payment for time. Not for performance, dedication, commitment, creativity, loyalty. But simply for the present time.

experimentation, it Is time for the Three-day weekend?

burdened by The 40-hour week, Overtime is yet to come. And the Mails will be answered on the night. The world of work has changed, and everywhere in the world there are Attempts to reduce the working time. We are ready for the Three-day weekend?

Katharina Grimm New remuneration models

searched for In the New Work movement, the experts thought of new remuneration forms not made. Because the content could be much more: a Non-monetary payment, the end of bonuses-logic, education, justice between men and women – and thus also the question of money and Power. Because so far, apart from collective agreements, there are usually only more money if there is a further hierarchy is climbed to level. Without which little happens. During working hours and place of mess to be twirled, the content of as cast in concrete.

in fact, there are already some companies experimenting with New Pay. Usually the start is the idea that not everyone should be individually rewarded, but the team’s performance. So, the leaders handed over the responsibility for staff development and (in part) for the salary of their employees. How important these topics are also in traditional industrial companies, show the results of the collective negotiations in the metal and electrical industry. Instead of “just” a rigid wage plus negotiate, there is now either more days or a reduced working week.

Such compensation offers to come. The Deutsche Bahn has recently been offered a similar model:The employees had the option to get 2.6 percent more in salary or increase the salary, and to receive six additional vacation days or to reduce the working week by one hour. The majority decided not to for money, but for more leisure time.

study the Home Office is the new Smoking: Makes us sick? By Katharina Grimm

the metal industry and the railway, of all things, have taken a modern path on the subject of remuneration. Money alone does not happy, more leisure time, in contrast, are more likely.

salary transparency is complicated

smaller companies and Start-ups are even more radical. You are experimenting with new payment models. A possibility is that The salaries make it transparent. Decided to this step, the condom company unicorn. And you have to quickly realize that it is not easy, from the old salary rules to break. All employees of the company had decided that they want to get to your desired content. But then the disillusionment came fast, when it was clear that the company was no black Numbers, reported Elisa Naranjo, since the establishment at the unicorn, and “Impluse”. “Because we wanted to no hierarchies and trusting, it was clear that We also need to set the content open. So we talked about money – and for the first Time, tipped the good mood. We were tense and did not know how we should be in this topic to deal with each other,” says Naranjo. All of the staff wrote your desired salary on a piece of paper. Some wanted more money, others in the course of the year. It was missing the context, so the staff member.

it was Then traded All the staff got together, everyone said, what he deserves and what he wants to earn in the future. “It was a strange Moment, all the members will not disclose the private content of the request and the reasons for it.”

, New Jobs, Stress, and Work-Life Balance: How can we, in the future,

will work in the Meantime, the company is profitable – also caused unrest. All of a sudden really was money to distribute. In the case of unicorn that solves a Gehaltsrat. There is a fixed basic salary and a modular System: Who are the children or relatives in need of care has gets more, even if a renovation is planned, there is a wage plus. Work experience is also modular, taken into account (no distinction is made between study or years of apprenticeship). The last module is the work in the company. “What one deserves and why, discuss the staff and the Gehaltsrat among themselves; what comes out of it, but is open to everyone,” says the employee.

The experience at unicorn show: The rigid salary system is possible. But it is also a show of strength.

another point of the “New Pay”movement: bonuses are abolished. No special payment to a single Manager would improve the performance or the company’s earnings, so the Argument. But just cause that the employee will find ways to continue to get his Bonus. To talk of a performance-related remuneration, is simply wrong. The scientific studies show. So, experts found at the University of Cologne that bonuses, which are linked to target agreement, the job satisfaction will decrease.

the changing world of work freedom instead of company cars: Hey boss, you need to urgently change something!

We work in a global, interconnected but also isolated. This is not the change in the world of work, but with the wrong leadership. Women can score well here. And men will learn a lot, the psychologist Martina Lackner.

What motivates employees?

The cause lies in the motivation of employees: a staff and he sees his Job as meaningful and rewarding, then the gamet money is not a big role. A monetary reward would not make the employee better. In turn, this means: The employees, which can only be due to external incentives to be motivated, to give more Gas at a higher salary. However, only in the short term – because this Form of Motivation fizzles out quickly, writes the psychologist Kimberly Breuer of the Workpath. A 2017 study published in the personnel and management consultancy Kienbaum makes it clear that there are first approaches in this hamster wheel of the bonuses to break through. “Some companies are thinking quite about the bonuses by the Team to distribute, rather than by the supervisor alone. This is for most of the participants still music of the future, but at least such a team distribution is taken currently of ten percent of the companies in your Considerations,” says Hans-Carl of sleeves, study author and compensation expert at Kienbaum, to the “economic week”. In Germany, Bonus payments everyday, around 90 percent of the Top managers and 84 percent of the managers in middle Management collect annual special payments. The study shows that almost every third Respondent decision-makers do not believe that bonuses for bosses are still up to date.

work The great silence – why Work in a communication killer content is transparency, with negative consequences for employees

However – and this is also studies show that is Not always transparent wages are helpful. You can lead in the worst case, even to workers with less money to go home. This is demonstrated by investigations of Zoë Cullen, a Professor in business administration of Harvard University. “We note that salaries of transparency pushes the wages to seven to 25 percent,” almost you insights to the “Handelsblatt”. Transparency is lacking in content in company, could boss good candidates to make generous offers – without having to fear that the Rest of the workforce wants to have more content. Salary transparency, however, such outliers are to negotiate upwards for applicants. And thus, the salary level is pressed.

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