For five passengers, Flixbus-travel from Vienna-in the Croatian town of Crikvenica ended the trip at the halfway point, reports the Austrian newspaper “Kronen-Zeitung”. A concerned woman told the tabloid that the bus driver was driving after a smoke break without the five-minute guests.

“The driver said: ‘a Five-minute break.’ All were in sight,” said the 75-year-old woman in the “Kronen-Zeitung”. “Shortly afterwards, the Bus drove off without warning.” According to the woman, her Luggage, including cell phone, money and passport in the Bus remained. The incident occurred on Saturday.

walk back over the border

The company of his driver’s strengthened the back. You can digital understand completely, how long the times of the buses were in certain places. The driver had continued after the agreed five minutes, the journey, the guests that stayed at the rest area, were not returned in time for the Bus. “The behavior of the bus driver was completely right,” said Flixbus-spokesman for the star.

on The grid square next to the Austro-slowenischenen limit remaining passengers had tried to stop via the Hotline of the bus company the Bus. In the end, they had to cross by foot the border to Austria, in order to find a Transport back to Vienna. Compared to the “Kronen-Zeitung” puts the Affected the damage of 1000 euros.

Also on the trip from Warsaw to Munich is a family couldn’t put in this week, the journey to the target. How the “mercury” reported, was stolen from a 72-year-old woman was with her two grandchildren on the way, to travel the Pass. Because they could not identify themselves, refused the bus driver to change to Prague, to let you go, said the woman, the Munich-based newspaper. Finally, the Elderly woman had to stay on guard with their grandchildren on a police, because you could book without papers, not a hotel room. Home, you finally came up with the train, after she had gotten from the Consulate in the Czech Republic new papers.

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