Large starts small. Elizabeth Warren stands in the garden of Bridget Saffold, right behind the grey-blue wooden house in the Ankeny Street in Waterloo, in northeast Iowa. On the terrace is a barbecue. About 200 people came, you can sit under a chestnut tree, enjoying the spring evening in early June. To a “house party with Elizabeth Warren” Bridget invited. The 42-year-old nurse, single mother of four children, wants to know what Warren, the woman who is a candidate for the presidential nomination of the Democrats, is planning to do with Waterloo, with Iowa, with America.

Elizabeth Warren, 69, has brought her husband. “Stand up, Sweetie,” calls out to him cheerfully. Your Sweetie Bruce stands up and waves shyly.

Donald Trump has begun the election campaign

Warren wants to show that she is exactly the Right thing to do, to run as the first woman in the country. It also needs sympathy and great feelings, so she tells the party round, like her father, at the beginning of the ‘ 60s, when you went to school, a severe heart attack and his work as a carpet dealer, had to give up. As her mother got a Telefonjob and, therefore, the home and the family is saved. “This is also a story about America,” says Warren. About to be for who a President as I have. “When I was a child, has asked the government how high the minimum wage must be in order for a family of three can live. Today, the government asks, how low the wage must be, so that large companies can retract still billions in profits.”


trump’s campaign revolves around Trump. His opponents, he attacks head – on so that the next democratic candidate must be able to handle.

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It is election time in the USA, again. Still, there are more than 16 months until the next presidential election on may 3. November 2024, in the high speed policy of today, a seemingly endless time. But for weeks now to run a whopping 23 democratic candidates warm, as many as never before. In the States, where in February and March 2024, the first primaries take place, they fight already to every voter.

Next week, the first major candidates ‘ debate, the Democrats will be held in Miami, they will be broadcast live on television. For the incumbent, Donald Trump and the battle for his re-election has begun already for a long time, actually, on the day on which he, as President, sworn in has been.

All against one – this is the starting position. The field of democratic challengers is wide and colorful. A best-selling author of spiritual self-help books is in the process of senators to contact, mayor, Established and young hopefuls, 17 men and six women. What looks like a new variety of the Democrats, in truth, is a weakness: The party has no strong character, no natural Challenger. Only a few are the majority of Americans even have a term: Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, for example, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, Kamala Harris, Beto O’rourke – that was it then already. For Trump this is not necessarily an advantage. He needs an opponent he can attack. As long as he does not know to whom he meets, is running his campaign into the Void.

< p > tonnage

All know what is at stake: the winner is Donald Trump a second Time, he is allowed to rage for four more years as President and Supreme commander-in-chief, the American democracy irreparable damage. Trump could turn definitively into a autocracy. He is already on the way there, the report of the special investigator Robert Mueller to Russia affair Trumps presidency as corrupt, anti-democratic, bares medieval, morally bankrupt System. Of the consequences of another triumph for the international order apart. You can see already in these days in the Gulf of Oman, where Trumps policy, the breach of the agreement and the threats towards Iran: on the brink of unwanted war. Whoever will be at the end of the presidential candidate of the Democrats – he or she will have to carry a ton load.


no one in the field of Candidates is so know as the 76-year-old Joe Biden. Two Times he’s competed already. He was for eight years Vice-President under Obama, is one of the most popular politicians of the Democrats, in their shirtsleeves, and enjoys a good reputation among workers. Biden is the candidate of the center. However, the party is moved to the left, many consider him also for to old. His goal: “to reconcile Make America America again” – America and the Reputation in the world.

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Elizabeth Warren is focused at the house party in Waterloo to save the American middle class. The will cut for years, over the ear, big companies, and the policy systematically at a disadvantage, she says. She wanted to stop this injustice. “I have a Plan” she calls out. As the audience cheer. That is Warren’s trademark. She is the woman with the Plan.

The Senator from Massachusetts, the former star Professor at the famous Harvard Law School, the terror of Wall Street – Warren presents for weeks, one program after another, how she wants to revolutionize the American economy. Your “I’ve got a plan for that” is a hit on the Internet, on T-Shirts and tote bags printed. She is the woman of the hour among the challengers. In almost all surveys, the bearer of hope of the Progressive is in third place, behind Joe Biden, the traditionalists, and Bernie Sanders, the democratic socialists, and the trend is rising.


“I was not afraid of anybody,” says the small, fragile woman and presents a quick run through of your Plan: the wealth tax of two per cent, free education at all public universities, dismantling of the big Tech companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon. In the case of each individual proposal, you reap the harvest of stormy applause. The Warren Plan means no less than a Revolution. “There’s a Hunger for big change,” she says. That this Hunger of the voters, their society is a fundamental rebuild, is actually so big, doubt, however, even many in Warren’s private party.


Bernie Sanders is still there or already back, and as already in 2016, he annoys not only his opponents, but also the Democrats. He makes for the rise of Trumps responsibility. Senator in Vermont, an avowed socialist. Self-willed and strong character, some say stubborn. Although now 77, is on his measure still romanticism of the Revolution. The boy Left on him. His goal: Less Power to the elites, health insurance for all, free education.

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The name of Donald Trump, Warren mentioned this Sunday evening in the garden by Bridget Saffold not a single Time. So as America has much bigger problems. The country look is actually always to Trump, it is not immune to these disasters-the fascination of simple. The President determines the theme, the headlines, the Tempo. He is on Twitter his country to the heartbeat. It is not that it solves one of the many problems that lie in front of his doorstep, on the contrary. The United States is in a frenzied still trapped state.

As the French Ambassador in Washington admitted in the spring of this year his Post, he quoted a Chinese proverb: “When the Finger points to the moon, the fool looks at the Finger the wise man on the moon.” The Finger is in this picture, Donald Trump, and the moon, the crisis in America. The political Washington, said Ambassador Gérard Araud, was obsessed with Donald Trump.

program or personality?

How not? Everything the President does, is ludicrous, dangerous, outside of any Norm. This makes the election for the Democrats so unpredictable. Since Hillary Clinton’s surprising defeat in 2016, when she has thoroughly misunderstood what moves in front of all their voters in the former Industrial strongholds of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Illinois, don’t know the party so entitled to run like a race for the White house in these crazy times at all, let alone to win.

Trump in the melee set? Ignore him? Solely on the personality of the Challenger set? Or a political programme? Is a white man in the ideal candidate, the regions of the Midwest to win the lost voters in the old industrial back? Or a younger colored woman, who embodies the new America? The hard selection process in the party also serves to find the right answers.

The Democrats are sitting their scared of Donald Trump in the neck. Nancy Pelosi, as speaker of the house of representatives, the most influential figure in the party, expressed at the beginning of may even the fear that the President could, should he lose the election in 2024, nearly, subsequently, the public opinion poison and a victory for the Democrats simply do not recognize. Unthinkable? What is Trump already unthinkable?


Elizabeth Warren has positioned itself as a Champion of the middle class, here when you visit an Ethanol plant in Iowa

©Scott Olson/

How can there be a campaign against a President who lies constantly, in violation of any laws, the Constitution being attacked? The question is becoming pressing whether the Democrats against such a President would not need to initiate a procedure of impeachment – even if the expected battle with Republicans in Congress is all the election campaign to overshadow.

Trump makes it easy to worry about it. During a visit to California in April, for example, he called on the border police, simply don’t allow any immigrants into the country. You should claim that there is no accommodation to include it. And if a judge make problems, you should say: “Sorry, judge. We have no place.” The supervisor had to afterwards make it clear that no border police officer had the power to lie, you would have to follow the laws.

abuse of power

Trump has declared all the institutions, to control its Power according to the Constitution, and enclosing, the war. When Congress refused money for the wall on the border to Mexico, release he called the national emergency. And as the Parliament of Trump requested conduct documents to the financial, had his lawyer explain that Congress had no power to investigate him. With the Argument it would have been in the Watergate scandal, no investigation.

This abuse of power is concerned, Paul Rosenzweig so much so, that he testified a few weeks ago in Washington at the Rayburn House, room 2142 as a witness. Here, the legal Affairs Committee of the house of representatives met. Rosenzweig is one of the most respected constitutional lawyers in the country, his Expertise is in demand. On the agenda of the technical questions were on this Wednesday superficially, at what point must request the Congress what the White house? But actually, it was, as so often in these days, to the rescue of American democracy from their own President.


Elizabeth Warren is perhaps the Smartest of all the candidates – and the clearest ideas will transform how the country. Jura was a Professor in Harvard. Today, the 69-Year-old Senator in Massachusetts. Went late in the policy: 2012. Open question whether she has the toughness and Finesse for the very top. Let Trump (“Pocahontas”) because of her alleged native American ancestry in the trap. Your goal: Less Power for big companies, a lot more money for the middle class.

©Tamir Kalifa/The new York times/Redux/Laif

He had since his early youth, Republicans, led Rosenzweig, but in this case he is standing on the side of the Democrats. Trump handle unconstitutional, if he block the investigations of the Congress.

“It was a depressing event,” says Rosenzweig, looking back. “There are between the Democrats and Republicans no longer compatible. It was a lot of screaming.” The Republicans are far from being a subsidiary of the Trump Empire. Anyone who is against the President, or get the wrath of the fanatical base to be felt at the ballot box. Therefore, there is no real challengers in his own party. Rosenzweig, however, wanted to make with his appearance the own people, that a Republican ethos means to be a toady of the President, but the American values to uphold. It was in vain.

“so Far, the Parliament and the courts, to have the President in the barriers,” says Rosenzweig. “But what if he ignored soon be a decision of the Supreme Court?”


A guy like Trump, says Rosenzweig, was not foreseen by the fathers of the Constitution simply. As at that time the question had come, whether the President possessed not too much, I James Madison, one of the fathers of the American Constitution, answered: no one, the President is, is bad. He is a good man, because he has been elected. “Madison was wrong,” says Rosenzweig. “The President has committed so many crimes, he would long ago have been indicted already, if he would not sit in the White house”. Purely in legal terms, the lawyer would have to initiate the Democrats for impeachment proceedings.

For the Democrats, but this is not only ae legal, but, above all, a political question. It threatens to tear apart the party. Some, especially left-wing Democrats, including Warren and Sanders want to leave the President with his crimes do not get away with it and demand, finally with an Impeachment process started. The other, more experienced and pragmatic officials, Nancy Pelosi, warning of the political consequences of such a step. At a Meeting behind closed doors two weeks ago, a fierce dispute over the handling of Trump broke out. Pelosi responded firmly: “I want to see no impeachment proceedings against him. I want to see him in prison!” You want to defeat Trump politically, so he can be losing after the defeat of his immunity and charged.


Pete Buttigieg speaks at a garden party. These Meetings are for the candidates, often at the beginning of their election campaign.

©Charlie Neibergall/AP

Pelosi believes that her party would lose with such a radical step, the elections of 2024. Most Americans do not hold much of a Impeachment. According to the latest survey, 33 percent in favor, 61 percent opposed it. Prospect of success it would not have anyway, since the Republican majority would bring to the Senate the proceedings to the case. Pelosi is convinced that Trump is just waiting for the Democrats to take action against him. Then he could slip in the middle of the election campaign in his favorite role: the Trump, the intrigue, the victim of Washington. Nothing makes the anger of his followers in the province of higher cooking.

A man, for the nostalgic

Joe Biden not interested in this debate, he is convinced that it only needs one to hunt the Trump out of the White house: him, Biden. “I’m the Only one who can save you from a further four years Trump”, he calls out to his followers.

Who accompanied Joe Biden in these weeks, will be taken on a nostalgic journey into the past. In Philadelphia, he sprints in front of 6000 spectators on a big stage next to the Museum of art and throws like an aging rock star on his jacket in the crowd. The 76-Year-old is fighting for the third Time to the democratic presidential nomination. If it should work this Time, and he wins the election, then he would be the oldest American President, the hob ever the Hand for the oath of office.


Barack Obama bestowed the until then unknown Pete Buttigieg in 2016 as the great white hope of the Democrats. 37 years old, gay and a professing Christian, the mayor of a 100,000-inhabitant town in Indiana. A Jack of all trades, speaks eight languages, served in Afghanistan, also on the big stage is a good figure. Trying to reach with its youthful profile of the rejuvenated democratic base. His goal: policies for the young generations, the fight against climate change.

©Jeff Topping/Polaris/Laif

His Fans in Philadelphia, however, is not his age but his experience. Many African Americans have come, some even from Georgia arrived. They rave about his work as Obama’s Vice President. You do not say that this choice of programs, but just about who could beat Trump. And this is Biden good old Joe, a man in the middle, and of reason, born in Scranton, working-class town in Pennsylvania.

Biden is the man who has always been there. He was already a Senator in Washington, as Donald Trump had taken over in New York, the real estate business of his father. So much continuity is in these excited times for supporters of the Democrats seductive.


Biden likes to tell stories from his homeland, from the past, about his time with Obama, there is a heat current passes every Time through the crowd. Biden wants to heal the battered soul of America. He says that Trump divide the country and he, Joe, will bring it back together. Trump’s presidency, proclaimed Biden, was nothing more than an accident of history. He’ll make things right, as they once were.

however, The question is whether or not the situation was as rosy as Biden, she paints. And whether the supporters of the Democrats want the old times back. Many do not know that there is a Back in time front of Trump. Not in the Obama years, and certainly not in the supposedly heal ‘ 50s-the world of the Republicans.


As a woman of color, Kamala Harris embodies the growing diversity among the Democrats. The former Minister of justice of California was starting in 2016, in the Senate, a name with tough questioning of Trumps Cabinet candidates. This energy is not transferred to their election campaign. The 54-Year-old is not afraid, often, to take a Position. Your goal: tax cuts for the middle class, immigration Reform.

©Jordan Gale/The new York times/Redux/Laif

The democratic party has changed since Hillary Clinton’s defeat. It is moved to the left, younger, female, and colorful, has added to claims of climate activists, and feminists. Biden, in his career, in many positions, which represents the party today, on the other side. He seems sometimes to have fallen out of time.

no one embodies the contrasts among the democratic candidates more clearly than Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren. He’s talking about Trump, you about America. He awakens feelings she designs great plans. He is moderate and pragmatic, she left and passionate. It is not to be identified, who supports the aspirations of democratic voters is better and what is the strategy to be promising in the fight against Trump more success.

attack of lust and Charisma

Maybe by the end, neither Biden nor Warren. But Kamala Harris, for example, a Senator from California with Indian roots Jamaican. The feisty former Prosecutor could take the most with Trumps aggressiveness. Or a surprise newcomer Pete Buttigieg, 37-year-old mayor of a small town in conservative Indiana. The man with the Maltese surname and exciting biography: studies at Harvard and Oxford, a Job at McKinsey, Afghanistan veteran. A charismatic guy, the darling of the media. And not to forget: the old revolutionaries Bernie Sanders. The socialist not to fight against Trump, but, as ever, against the political and economic elites. Unlike Warren, he does not want to reform the System, but smash. In the past few weeks, however, Warren has drawn a lot of progressive voters to their side.

For Philippe Pure the race is completely open. A favorite of the democratic strategist looks. He knows from experience that only one will Prevail the candidate who could excite the voters with an idea and a Plan — and the able against Trump in direct confrontation Tation to exist. “No one should believe that will be easy,” says Pure. It had been for Hillary Clinton hard. The fight against a Trump in office would much harder. “Trump has a psychological advantage. He knows he has already won once.”

Philippe Reines, was Clinton’s chief strategist, he has studied how a Second Trump. As a Clinton on the TV-duels-prepared, he played for you Donald Trump. Pure even used a tanning cream. Today, he is a policy Advisor. He is a hard man to reach these days, his advice is asked. What is Trump doing this unique? “He’s lying blatantly. And he has simple messages that people understand.” In Clinton’s campaign, you would not have believed until the end that he can go through with it. “Trump is not waiting for his opponent to make errors. He simply invents it.”


Beto O’Rourke’s star went on to 2018, as he was with a smart, modern campaign for almost a Senator in conservative Texas. The man with the Kennedy charm quickly became a darling of the media – and almost as quickly are left out. For 46 years, the former punk rocker, former Hacker. Relies on Social Media and the enthusiasm of the young. Keeps Talking in English and Spanish at the same time. His goal: to Reform the immigration laws, legalization of marijuana.

©Jeff Topping/Polaris/Laif

Pure recognize this pattern of back again today. “Trump has claimed that Clinton had serious health problems. The same game he’s playing now with Joe Biden. He claimed simply, Biden was sick.” The Hillary Team at the time I thought it was best to ignore trump’s provocations. “That was a mistake,” says Pure today. “Who wants to win against Trump, must always and immediately hit back.”

half a year Ago, yet he had been convinced that Trump will win. In the meantime, he believes, to detect a change of mood, recent polls make him optimistic. The question of who would choose the Americans in a direct comparison, are six Democrats in front of Trump. In the lead: Joe Sanders, Harris and Warren, Biden, behind it. Even in key States such as Pennsylvania, Michigan and Arizona, which has won the Trump in 2016, he loses to consent, despite a good economy and low unemployment figures. About 42 percent of Americans are currently behind him. This is little for an incumbent President. On the other hand, is remarkably much in the face of his disastrous balance sheet. In the case of the Republicans, nine in ten continue to believe, he was doing a good Job. The support seems to crumble especially in the case of the groups of voters that brought him into office. Including former Obama voters regret mainly, to have Trump elected. In the end, the lesson of 2016, is Trump not necessary, however, the majority of the votes, but the choice of men.

“Keep America great”

The President opened his campaign this week also officially. He just wants to make it like it was four years ago. His Slogan “Make America great again” further contributes, together with the new Slogan “Keep America great”. He doesn’t need Trump has of himself, that’s enough for him. His Advisor, he constantly asked only according to his personal survey of values. When he heard that he was, even in the case of the internally commissioned surveys, behind Biden, he instructed his people to deny it publicly.

A few days later, Trump said in an Interview: “In all my polls, I’m ahead of you.”

So he looks to the upcoming election battle. In Michigan, Trump has described recently the Democrats this way: “I have a better education than you, I’m not smarter than you, I went to the best schools, you. Much nicer house, much nicer apartment, everything was much nicer. And I’m the President and you don’t.”


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