There are a few works that are so very 90s, like the song “Boomerang” by Blümchen. In the accompanying music video sees the singer in-line skates and with a brightly-colored loops in the braids hysterical at a beach promenade along the lawn.

In the presence of a absurd, blond Sonny boys, she sings: “Like a Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boomerang I come always back to you!”

On Saturday evening, it can be stated: It was not an empty announcement, the flowers at that time. You had to wait for almost 20 years, but now she’s actually arrived back – to- back on the stage. “I came to you in the land to raven!”, she’s calling in the audience, freaking out in the Gelsenkirchen’s Veltins-Arena almost. 18 years no one has seen this flower. This may help you cheers now all the more fervent: “I’m going as fast as I kaaaaaann, in your Umlaufbaaaaaahn!”

It is a Comeback. In 2001 Jasmin Wagner had mean – as the singer citizen – her teen-Star-identity floral mothballed, actually, that was what it was called in Viva-times “Girlie”: Very young, very colorful, a bit cheekily. Floral but wanted less and less, Jasmin Wagner, who was 20 years old and graduated from school. Flowers disappeared. Wagner was an actress.

Any way back but there are always. In this case, he is called “The’ 90s live”, a great Retro Show. Not only flowers, but also other musical Survivors: Haddaway (“What Is Love”), the singing dentist, Dr. Alban (“Sing Hallelujah”), and the Vengaboys (“We’re Going To Ibiza”). In the final, David Hasselhoff (66) stands on the stage. Which is rather 80s, but no matter. The Arena is full, the organizers say is one tale of 58,000 spectators.

The atmosphere is suspended between the nostalgia Show, bachelorette party and a big fun fair, also in terms of alcohol consumption. Colourful balloons hang over the heads, Neon headbands, wrap hair, to see in the first gray strands. The crowd goes wild, as – is, of course, also sings – “airplanes in the tummy”.

Characteristic of nostalgia is that one is reminded especially of the good things of the past. The negative will be hidden. You need to know, to understand, how you can fill it with 90’s Hits today, a Arena. Music-Gourmets like “beep, Beep, little satellite tell him that I’m still here” (flowers) turn up their noses – the Generation of the 25 – to 40-Year-old combines Uplifting: this well-maintained stick album, the first mobile phone, “Bum Bum”-ice cream. Every Revival-wave.

“The Eurodance artists today are actually Oldies,” says Marcus S. Kleiner, a Professor of communication and media science at the SRH University of popular arts in Berlin. The so-called Eurodance, the dominant Chart music of the 90s, was tremendously successful. “In this respect, it is not surprising that this music is recycled. It celebrates the past.” Musical quality is of secondary importance – it is Yes to the fun. “Because it needs no deep hermeneutics of Bob Dylan”, formulated it Small.

After her appearance flowers sits in the catacombs of the stadium. “Many of my friends are here. Not only because of me, but because they are 90s Kids. Because this is simply a way of life,” she says. “I’m not trying to copy me but itself, but with the energy to create then warm up for a current model. With a lot of nostalgia, but also with quite a lot of distance.”

For her Comeback, she has revised her songs gently, and with “computer love” even has a new Single out. In Gelsenkirchen is not very clear, how much percentage of the audience the differences noted. It is still very high and very fast. But this is also not decisive. Further performances are already planned.

For the musicians, the Show is a balancing act. The 90s were also in terms of Style extremely. Constrained to be in the more Mature age in the Outfits of the time, it looks silly. You put on your evening dress, there goes the nostalgia factor.

Daisy looks so: No Inline Skates, and any coloured bows, but in a red dress with a giant belt buckle.



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