Sex takes place in the head, good Sex anyway. Certainly not the first to Paint with his Partner, in which with plenty of hormones gepimpte reality to accommodate it loose with every erotic fantasy can. However, with time, the desire settles down on the other. Completely normal thing. The movie in your head just needs a little jump start. No Problem, if couples could loosely talk about Sex, don’t do it, but know the author Jasmin Wollesen from the comments to your books. Under the name of A. J. Blue she works in the first row of the head cinema: she writes erotic books. With more than 500,000 copies sold in your series “masters of love” with the two recent volumes of the series about two weeks at # 1 on the Amazon eBook Charts.

From a lawyer’s whore to Bangable: Nine Sex and eroticism for the ears Fullscreen

Sex on Board – Kink-Trip in the Mediterranean sea

author: Margaux Navara

speaker: Maike, Luise Fengler

Three, for different reasons, from the life of frustrated women to distraction looking for a cruise in the Mediterranean sea. The trip, however, turns out quite differently than I thought. The maritime variant of the “50 Shades of Grey”…

Here it goes to the audition.


“I was really amazed at how open the people suddenly wanted to talk to me about their sexuality. I’m not a couple therapist, but to write only erotic fantasies,” recalls the native of Hamburg. Obviously your readers were thrilled to have found someone of the Sex fantasies is receptive to. A it had become quickly clear: Even in the happiest of relationships is more likely to be talked reluctantly about the unfulfilled erotic desires.

Prefer to live a double, as his wishes

to address the lives of Not a few fled rather be in a sexual double, instead of the Partner you Desire. Unfortunately, says Wollesen, open women’s revelation of their men hate, what turns them on: “This is a woman thing. As soon as you Express your desires, they are disenchanted.” The formulated thoughts of the game seem rather, as it should be the man for the purpose of implementation of implanted. A little erotic. So is silent and subliminally hoping that the man would come by on that alone. This works, unfortunately, rare, because men in terms of Sex, things were different.

Indeed, had men as well as women enjoy Sex, but the angle of view, it is important to master a completely different. He departs on the act itself that turns you on more the way to Sex. Women causing the Situation in which the main characters meet, the man woos the woman’s charming but determined, she returns to the Flirt carefully to both attack finally, on top of each other. Most of the men have a button already the Finger on the fast-Forward, white Wollesen. Not about the erotic literature is more of a woman thing. Most of the erotic stories written by women, in audiobooks performed by women and of women bought.

women want to be perceived desires to be sought after and perceived to be

women, and conquered, Wollesen. And the charming and romantic the man do it, the hotter the Sex, he may not enjoy. Many women in your imagination were quite happy to dominate.Because of vanilla sex. That explains for you the great success of “50 Shades of Grey” and the flood of erotic stories that followed the watered-BDSM-novel.

men! Listen to erotic stories by women for women!

you would do the men quite tired. Not only that, you could empathize sometimes difficult in female desires, they would often also little notes from their wives. Rather, you should imagine what the object of your desire, and then at the right time in an appropriate Form to implement. Everywhere case, lying in wait as traps.

Erotic stories could give men at least have an idea of what really turns women on. You don’t have to even read or coyly with a book in the web sit: most of The stories are there as a decent audiobook. While in the book your imagination creates the right voice, decides in the audio version alone Can be the spokesperson – in almost all cases, it is, in fact, a woman – about the “Crackling” are the atmosphere. A trained voice acts in the case of erotic books, such as the neon tube in the bedroom.

From a lawyer’s whore to Bangable

The selection of Sex and eroticism is plentiful. Of short texts on a 30-minute men-friendly unique titles such as “The lawyer’s whore” or “Bangable” on the erotic cruise novel about three Girlfriends in “Sex on Board” until the twelve-part cycle, “Year of Passion“, the event Manager, Jenna, the protagonist of “the men in the photo calendar,” in the sense of the word hand-picked select – a in January, in February, in March… The literary fill-in-the erotic Audio meditation exercises, and Podcasts, where living with their parents at the end of the 18-year-old girls with a Lollipop in her mouth smacking her sexual secrets to reveal. The offer is as diverse as the sex life.

Really exciting, it will, if couples read the same book or listening to, and talking about it, says Wollesen. You know of cases in which the Partner would have to learn on this detour a lot about the secret desires of the Other. You don’t have finally spoken directly about himself, but about a story. The messages to come in anyway.

the difference there, though: men were more willing to actually implement, believes Wollesen. Although women have multi-layered fantasies, such as spontaneous Sex with Strangers, Bondage, or a Threesome, but she would not leave the reality. It remains a thrilling game in the head. Often, the better – for all sides.


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