a VW California or Mercedes-Benz Viano dream of all lovers of the great Outdoors – but prices above € 50,000 dampen the enthusiasm quickly. An Alternative can retrofit conversion kits with a low-cost Bus or a high-roof station wagon, the cumbersome name for the Caddy and co., to an RV.

These Sets make the vehicle not to be bigger – in a Peugeot Rifter, it goes even after the Transformation into a micro-camper is not as generous as a Brummer from Hymer. However, the most important functionalities for a weekend in the outdoors are on Board.

The Set Campal ForTwo comes from the United Kingdom and convinced with two arguments: First of all, it is with the 1250 euros for a very affordable price. On top of that, it offers a functionality that other Camping-Kits miss the opportunity and cuisine: in addition to sleep, you can conjure up from him, even a group of seats.

to achieve this, the built-in Set is fundamentally different from other models. These are usually based on a Box that fills the cross-the whole of the load space. The module of Campal is in the middle of space to accommodate the feet, should be used in the Seating area. What this looks like in Detail, you can see in the photo above.

Camping in even the smallest car

If the origin of the car is not very high, sitting slightly crouched at the table. Weather permitting, the table with the existing tripod and folding, can chairs be placed outside. The ForTwo can even be in a Sofa, and a bed of at least 180 centimeters in length transform. Depending on the vehicle, the lying surface can also be greater. The “kitchen” is pulled to the rear of the base box. In the batch mode, the various kitchen utensils. The space would be enough for a canister with ten litres of water and a small portable gas Burner.

Two people should only need about five to ten minutes, the ForTwo to install and dismantle. Normally, the compressed remains rear seat went in the car. You can get the module, but also for use with upgraded rear Bank, then you gain more storage space.

The Campal module weighs about 45 kilograms. You will need a suitable storage room for Camping. The Kit is designed and manufactured for a wide variety of custom-made cars. The price is 1250 Euro so 1090 British pound. Solo travellers are well served with the Campal ForOne might be better. The cost of 750 pound, or 856 euros.

source: Campal

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