It’s that time again: With the just-introduced Galaxy S10 Samsung wants to conquer the leadership in the Smartphone market. After the development in recent years has been somewhat asleep, Samsung now with two very innovative concepts. It’s a question of: Is this really what customers want?

Samsung Galaxy S10: cutting-edge technology even better

at Least the Galaxy S10 is expected to enjoy great popularity. After Samsung ausbügelte last year, especially the smaller quirks of the S8 and the S9 with real innovations are held back, leaning to the S10 again a little further out of the window.


The Galaxy S10, the camera looks through a small hole in the Display. The fingerprint Sensor is directly in the screen

©Samsung manufacturer

The most striking new feature is the Display, and the hole is safe in it. So far, Samsung has refused, to the edge of the top of the Display einzudampfen and replace it, such as Apple or Huawei with a notch (“Notch”). Instead, the Korean staple is now a hole right in the screen, then the front camera peeping, the Plus model is even a double camera for Selfies. Also the fingerprint sensor is in the Display, the ultrasound sensor is intended to be safer than similar variants of the competition. Whether you’re triggering with the new Design, really enthusiasm. The debate on the Notches and the Display-edges may have been in the Tech industry is inevitable, the most normal customer she was, however, right no matter.

Test Smartphone for 1000 Euro Galaxy S9 in the Test: Great and boring at the same time, By Christoph Fröhlich

Since Samsung can score points but, rather, with the rear camera. Like Huawei, Samsung mounted a point-and-Shoot with three lenses, regular, wide – angle and a telephoto lens. The cameras not only in photos but also in Videos points: As a first smartphone, the Galaxys to take S10-models Videos in HDR10+.Whether Samsung is able to secure the pole position in the important race for the best camera, you must show a Test.

Under the hood-tip technology. The Displays are 6.1 inches (S10), respectively, 6.4 inch (S10 Plus), of course with Samsung’s OLED technology. Samsung promises to be the brightest Display (up to 1200 Nit) and the highest color fidelity on the market. The self-developed processor is expected to again belong to the Schell most of the current Generation. As a data memory, a full Terabyte are between 128 GB and – even if only for Plus.

however, This has its price: With a starting price of 900 euros for the S10 and 1000 Euro for the S10 Plus and a top price of 1600 euros for the top model with 1 TB of storage the new Galaxys are the most expensive classic Samsung Smartphones of all time. Well, with the Galaxy S10e and economical version. With a dual camera and 5.8-inch diagonal, greatly stripped-down model costs significantly bezahlbarere 750 Euro. The devices will be available in the colours pearl white, Black, and Green.


The Galaxy Fold as a Smartphone (on the right) or as a Tablet

©Samsung manufacturer to use lid: So Samsung sees the future of

And then the Galaxy, there is Fold. Already in the autumn teaserte folding Smartphone is Samsung’s new Star. The device offers both a small 4.6-inch as well as a huge a 7.3 – inch Display, depending on whether it is expanded or collapsed in use. For the quick message or short E-Mails the ranges then flipped open the Display, you want to Work or Play more space to swing it. A little unusual: With an aspect ratio of 21:9 in the folded and 4.2:3 in the tablet mode differs from the Samsung is equal to twice the established 16:9, or 18:9-Format, of as other Smartphones in the usual way.

For the technology, Samsung has not saved: The Fold is one of the fastest processors of all time on the Basis of the 7-Nanometer design, brings incredible 12 GB of labour and 512 GB of data storage. The cameras Samsung presents: It is equal to six are on Board. Three on the rear as the main camera, two cameras in the Tablet and in the Smartphone mode. The Fold has not only one, but two batteries.

the implementation of The “Infinity Flex” Displays is impressive. With Software Tricks Samsung ensures that when you Open almost immediately, the view will be adjusted. So if you want to zoom in just short of a image, easily available, and then re-collapse. In addition, you can now use up to three Apps at once.

Some questions about the durability and the impact resistance of curved Screens – you can answer only when the device has been used for a while.

The market launch of the future of Smartphones is for the 26. April planned. The price is steep: Incredible 2000 Dollar Samsung requires for its Smartphone Vision. A bestseller, it is not likely to land.


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