More than 100 workers of an Indian tea plantation, died after consuming adulterated liquor. The authorities of the languages of the victims on Saturday of at least 102 deaths. More than 150 people would continue to be treated for poisoning in the hospital. Many patients are now “out of danger”, the authorities declared to the further increase in numbers of victims from the districts of Golaghat and Jorhat in the North-Eastern state of Assam. It is likely, however, that the number of the dead waxes.

The workers should have drank the adulterated liquor on Thursday, until Friday night, then were died, 22 people. The first evidence that the drink contained a significant amount of Methanol, which – consumed in large amounts can be lethal.

India has More than 40 people on adulterated alcohol died DPA

According to the police, in the district of Golaghat, the owner of a local distillery, as well as ten more men, to stand with the manufacture and distribution of liquor, were arrested. Assam health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma visited some of the victims in the hospital in Jorhat and announced, “to spare the perpetrators of that tragedy.”

again and again, Indians die from adulterated liquor

Around 1000 people die mostly from poorer backgrounds, according to the government data every year in India on the consumption of adulterated alcohol. Moonshine liquor is very popular in India because it is sold cheaper than imported alcohol, or well-established Indian brands. Not infrequently, the drinks industry alcohol and other substances, which can lead to severe poisoning.

in the past, it came to dramatic death cases: 200 people died in the year 1992 in the state of Odisha, in 2011, Bengal 180 in the West. And less than two weeks ago the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, came to the North more than 100 people after consuming adulterated liquor killed.

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