Forgotten in the USA the ring was found after 47 years in the Finnish forest

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the American took the ring back, which she lost in the toilet in one of the shops of Portland. Decoration in 1973 she received at the time future husband.

After 47 years in the ring managed to not only find, but also to return to the hostess. He was found with a metal detector in the forest Park of the city of Kaarina in Finland, reports

Set owner managed thanks to the engraving on the ornament. Found a ring the man sent him to the United States the lawful owner, who was unable to explain how it could get into Europe.

Earlier, the French had received 163 million euros for a lost lottery ticket. The man lost the ticket on the street, and later picked up by a woman. Immediately after loss detection the owner of the winning ticket turned to the national lottery operator with evidence that it has rights to the money. Later the dispute was resolved in his favor.

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