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Four motorcyclists die in accidents (5.53 PM)hurricane “Dorian” upgraded (5 p.m.)Museum ship in Bremerhaven, Germany, from bags, due to (4.39 PM), VW is The news from today:

+++ 12.33 PM: German army reaches agreement with U.S. plaintiffs (1.14 PM)

in Kunduz shelled – no casualties +++

The Bundeswehr camp in Northern Afghanistan’s Kunduz has been bombarded. The not yet closer identified missile struck in the Morning at the site near the city area, without someone to meet, or to injure, as a spokesman for the operational command said in Potsdam. It had been fired from a greater distance. A connection to the time equal to the current full-scale attack radical Islamic Taliban on the capital of the province, the spokesman could not confirm initially.

+++ 12.16 PM: Hong Kong police use tear gas against demonstrators, a +++

the demonstrations in Hong Kong, it came again to riots. The police went near the parlamant seat with tear gas and water cannons against demonstrators. Radical activists threw objects and stones in the direction of police officers. Several Molotov cocktails were thrown. A plastic barricade caught fire. Earlier, hundreds of protesters occupied major traffic arteries in the vicinity of the government district.

+++ 12.03 PM: protesters in Hong Kong are trying to police barriers to break through +++

In Hong Kong protesters have tried to, in front of the Parliament building, police to block the break through. Despite a ban again, tens of thousands of people took to the streets to demand more democracy.

+++ 11: 43 PM: Herne poison snake at the reptile expert come under – “alive and Well” +++

The captured venomous snake in Herne, Germany, until Further notice, at a reptile expert. “The snake is alive and well,” said city spokesperson Nina-Maria main on Saturday the German press Agency. “She has probably had the most stressful day of your life.” The authorities will advise accordingly now what should happen with the animal.

The highly poisonous monocled Cobra, with an estimated length of about 1.60 meters, had been captured on Friday after days of search. A resident had spotted the animal last Sunday in the stairwell of an apartment building. The 30 residents were forced to leave their homes.

+++ 11.14 PM: explosion in chemical factory in India – at least twelve people Dead +++

In the case of several explosions at a chemical plant in Western India at least twelve people are killed and dozens have been injured. More workers could still be in the factory included, said the local chief of police Vishwas Pandhare. The rescue work was still ongoing. The incident occurred on the outskirts of the town of Dhule in Maharashtra state on Saturday. At least 58 people were wounded, some of them were in a critical condition. Among the Victims were mainly factory workers, but also farmers and residents of the nearby area.

+++ 10.49 PM: Despite ban, thousands and thousands to come, in Spite of the prohibition of a demonstration in Hong Kong again protests demonstrate against the government again in Hong Kong +++

. Thousands of people of all ages moved through the streets. The demonstrators followed a call to a religious March, which led along a prominent sacred sites in the historic district of Sheung Wan, and more in the direction of the government district. Many of the “walked” and they said, like you, on the footpath, and saw them to block roads. The police had reasons, actually planned a large Demonstration this Saturday from safety approved. In the streets of a massive police was seen to have a presence to.

+++ 10.41 PM: On the journey to a wedding of 24 people in Pakistan +++

die with dozens of passengers, the loaded truck is overthrown in Pakistan in a river, and has at least ripped 24 people to death, including eleven children. The accident had happened according to police, on Friday evening in a mountainous region in the North-Western province of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. The Victims were members of a family, they were on the way to a wedding, local media reported.

+++ 9.48 PM: the US soldier killed in Afghanistan has been killed +++

In Afghanistan, a U.S. soldier. The Nato Mission in Kabul said, “Resolute Support”,. Accordingly, the military came on Thursday when Fighting for their life. Details of the place or the circumstances of the deaths, the Nato Mission was known, initially, out of consideration for the family members. 15 members of the US have been killed already this year-army.

+++ 9.44 PM: North Korea dialogue with the United States in question +++

in North Korea, Statements by US has taken Secretary of state Mike Pompeo made in the nuclear talks with Washington out of the question. “Our expectations of a dialogue with the US is out of breath and we are forced to do so, all of our action to date to question,” – quoted by the official news Agency KCNA on Saturday, the Vice-foreign Minister Choe Son Hui. Pompeo had accused Pyongyang previously “erratic behavior”. Such a speech was inappropriate, irritating, and offensive, said Choe.

+++ 9.18 PM: Taliban attack Northern Afghan city of Kunduz to the +++

the fighters of the radical Islamic Taliban have started in the night to Saturday a large-scale attack on the Northern Afghan provincial capital of Kunduz. The provincial Council Ghulam Rabbani, according to the attack against 1.00 o’clock at night (local time) began. The Taliban would have been able to occupy several facilities and areas in the city, including the provincial hospital, the Headquarters of the electricity supply and the third police district of the city.

+++ 6.35 PM: Merkel offers Brazil cooperation for the protection of the Amazon region, to +++

In the dispute in order to combat the devastating forest fires in the Amazon region, German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) was on the phone with the President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro. Merkel stressed the willingness of the Federal government, in the protection of the Amazon region with Brazil to cooperate as a government spokesman announced. Bolsonaro wrote in the short message service Twitter, he had a “productive” conversation with Merkel, who have confirmed, once again, the “sovereignty of Brazil over the Amazon Region”. Brazil’s ultra-right-wing head of state had previously rejected international criticism of its environmental policy.

+++ 5.53 PM: Four motorcyclists die in crash on A9 +++

On the highway 9 in Thuringia, four motorcyclists died in a serious accident. A small van is off on Friday evening between bath stone and Schleiz from the road to praise and in a group Motorradfatube is tilted, the had made there Stop. The four motorcycle riders were killed in the accident. The three passengers in the truck were injured and taken to a hospital. The first findings of the police, the motorcycle driver had stopped under a motorway bridge to find protection from the rain.

+++ 5.07 PM: the country-wide protests against forced break in the British Parliament +++

hundreds of thousands of people are expected according to the organizers, on Saturday at the country-wide demonstrations against the forced break of the British Parliament. Called to the Protest, the Anti-Brexit-the Initiative “Another Europe Is Possible” is. The call of the chief of the opposition Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour grass-roots organization, Momentum, and environmental activists of the Initiative YouthStrike4Climate joined, among others. The largest demonstration is expected in front of the seat of the government Downing Street in London.

+++ 5 PM: hurricane “Dorian” on second-highest category rating +++

the U.S. is approaching tropical storm “Dorian” has been downgraded to the second highest category. He reached the hurricane stage 4 on the five-point scale, according to the U.S. hurricane centre (NHC) in Miami. “Dorian” was over the Atlantic ocean, approximately 925 kilometers from the city of West Palm Beach in the state of Florida. The wind speeds were up to 215 kilometres per hour.

+++ 4.39 PM: disaster in Bremerhaven, Germany: Museum ship bags to port base +++

The historic sailing ship “seute Deern” is dropped after a water break-in on the bottom of the port basin in Bremerhaven, Germany. As the fire and rescue services, was the nearly 62-Meter three-master on Friday evening, in the wrong situation. As a squad, the fire Department explored the “seute Deern”, was the ship so threatening, that the use was canceled.

+++ 4.25 PM: US investigators to smash a drug dealer ring +++

a large-scale crackdown against drug smugglers in several U.S. States have broken an investigator for an extensive drug trafficking ring. In the case of the three-day use, among other things of 30 kg of Fentanyl had been guaranteed this amount of the infamous painkiller would suffice under the notice of the U.S. Department of justice, “to kill more than 14 million people”. Fentanyl is considered to be 30 to 50 Times as potent as Heroin and 50 to 100 Times as strong as morphine.

+++ 4.18 PM: United cancels more Boeing 737 Max-flights – FAA-test runs +++

The U.S. airline United Airlines is taking the after two crashes with start forbidden occupied Boeing Jets of the type 737 Max even longer from the flight plan. In addition, the U.S. Air traffic control FAA announced that the results of the original authorisation of the crisis pilot in charge of the special Committee are still a bit longer.

+++ 3.08 PM: the EU seems to be on baukinder money under the magnifying glass +++

The EU wants to take the last year in Germany baukinder led money to a newspaper report that more closely. As the Newspapers of the Funke media reported group, the EU Commission has concerns that the terms and conditions of the state support of residential property EU could discriminate against foreigners. The Newspapers a Letter from the EU Commissioner for social Affairs, Marianne Thyssen, ago. In it, she criticises the fact that applications can be made on baukinder money for in Germany, acquired a residential property and that the applicant must have his main residence in Germany. Both of these conditions could constitute “indirect discrimination for cross-border commuters,” writes Thyssen.

+++ 1.17 PM: U.S. evidence of Iranian tankers “Adrian Darya-1” with sanctions +++

The USA have occupied the Iranian oil Tanker “Adrian Darya-1” and the captain of the ship with sanctions. Thus, the US could impose a government in a next step, also punitive measures against ports or companies that engage in business transactions with the supertankers. According to U.S. information, the freighter is in service with the Iranian revolutionary guards, classified by Washington as a terrorist organization. The ship is in mid-August in the Mediterranean sea, on the road and could start, also because of the pressure of the US government, as yet, no port.

+++ 1.14 PM: VW reaches agreement with U.S. plaintiffs, on a comparison +++

Volkswagen is dealing with a legal site in the United States. The group has agreed with the plaintiff vehicle owners and the U.S. EPA on a solution to alleged false statements to the gasoline consumption of cars in its brands Audi, Bentley, Porsche, and Volkswagen. This is clear from the court documents. The comparison by the competent U.S. should be approved by the court, so VW would pay approximately 96,5 million dollars (87.6 million Euro). Eligible customers should receive per month, you owned a car or you lease it had, between 5.4 and 24.3 dollars in compensation. U.S. judge Charles Breyer to a hearing on 13 September in San Francisco to decide whether to accept the compromise tentatively.

+++ 0.17 at: Account of Twitter chief Jack Dorsey hacked +++

The account of Twitter chief Jack Dorsey has been hacked and has spread to several questionable Tweets, including one over Germany during the third Reich. Twitter was aware that someone had illegally gained access to the Account of the Chairman of the Board, and looking into the incident, the company said. From Dorsey’s Account, “@jack” were widely used several Tweets to his more than four million Followers, including one in which it was said: “Nazi Germany has done nothing wrong”. Another Tweet included a bomb threat. Twitter deleted the Tweets rapidly from Dorsey’s Timeline.

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